9 Remote Jobs with Flexible Schedule and Higher Pay

    Remote Jobs with Flexible Schedule

    9 Remote Jobs with Flexible Schedule and Higher Pay. In the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, many companies are implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. Remote work has become the standard mode of operation for at least 50% of the US population. While COVID-19 won’t stay with us for good in the long run, 99% of people prefer to continue working remotely for the rest of their careers. Finding a remote nonprofit job with FEMA, NDWA or ASPCA is easier now, as these organizations focus on optimizing remote work practices. Here some roles where you can get a salary higher than average:

    1. Social Media Manager

    A Social Media Manager is responsible for increasing brand awareness and company sales. That includes different strategies and marketing efforts for improving, planning, implementing, managing the company’s social media image. You are to create graphics, posts, social media ads, oversee content, monitor user engagement, and manage customer relationships on different social platforms. The salary may vary between $25,30 – $73,143, depending on your skills, company, or brand.

    2. Virtual Assistant

    The duties of a Virtual Assistant include offering remote general administrative, technical, or social services to clients. Outsourced workers may perform content writing, SEO & digital marketing, web development, edit audio and video, schedule appointments, respond to calls and emails, make travel arrangements, and so on. You need a niche, a personal freelance service site, and connections on LinkedIn. Social media is great for letting others know about the services you can provide. The salary of VA ranges from $25,30 to $73,143.

    3. Writer

    If you are passionate about writing on a specific topic, have keen eyes, and can provide hand-picked content, the position of a remote writer is for you. The general requirements are simple: you should write, edit and check facts well, work with a team, generate fresh concepts under tight deadlines. Fiction, non-fiction, newsletters, breaking news, press releases, video game reviews, ads, references, or guides – you choose. Salary range for this position is $26,525 – $86,246 on average.

    4. Online Professor

    If you own a certificate for teaching, you can easily join an Association for Online College Professors to plan curricula, post the content of courses, assess students’ progress online. Proper academic credentials give the possibility to work on a contract basis, being paid $1,500 – $2,500 per single semester-long course in common. Pay is higher for the instructors who develop the personal courses or write course assignments and ranges between $32,807 – $159,566 for full-time jobs.

    5. Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers prepare visual presentations by designing art, illustrating concepts and laying out art and copy. An excellent portfolio will be helpful to showcase your great typography and graphic design skills to apply for animated creative and still content marketing assets, print or digital advertising campaigns, outdoor billboards, video, and more. Pay starts from $34,011 and tends to exceed $80,000.

    6. Accountant

    All accounting work such as preparing and advising taxes, handling financial records and documentation, analyzing data is digitized and can be done remotely. If your financial skills, knowledge of business, accounting principles and practices allow, try searching for active recruiting in fields like auditing, bookkeeping, and banking. An average salary range is $35,664 – $73,926.

    7. Data Analyst

    Data analysts acquire data from the data sources and maintain databases or data systems, identifying, analyzing and interpreting patterns in complex data sets with mathematical inspection, transformation, and modeling techniques combined in order to simplify and condense it. Technical expertise in programming, statistics, machine learning, data visualization and strong analytical skills are the common requirements for the role. Remote data analyst jobs pay $53,000 – $149,500 per year.

    8.Web Design & Development

    If you are aware of UI/UX principles, can prove your understanding of web components, know graphic design fundamentals you can design different web projects for personal and commercial use. It is required to possess technical skills and have some background in Graphic Art or Design. It is a web designer and developer who works on back-end services, optimizes user experience, produces content to launch the site from concept, and helps with overall site maintenance. Salary range varies from $39,000 to $142,500.

    9. Software Developer

    Software development is one of the top categories to outsource where there’s a need in cybersecurity, data analysis, cloud computing, and machine learning. The ability to write clean, efficient, maintainable, and well-tested code and focus on functional programming is the main requirement. The specialists that have shown expertise in big data and AI, mobile development, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects can boast the most in-demand skills in the job market. The expected salary may vary from $43,392 to $88,38 for QAs, software DevOps, junior or senior software engineers.

    If you search for new opportunities, ajob with FEMAcan be an excellent idea. The Federal Emergency Management Agencyis currently in search of dozens of remote specialists nationwide. A comfortable environment, a better work-life balance, less commute stress are only a few benefits from a number of those associated with flexible work arrangements. But you can discover more!


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