5 Strategies to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer Lifetime

    The modern-day corporate environment is abuzz with trailblazing startups, growth hacking, and digital marketing campaigns. Marketers and businesses increasingly focus on acquiring new Customer Lifetime rather than focusing on customer retention. Growing your consumer audience and penetrating new market segments is of the utmost significance.

    But are you pursuing this agenda at the cost of customer retention and brand loyalty? As a business, it is crucial to undertake approaches that combine new customer retention and brand loyalty. A success-oriented company must allocate resources to developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with customers. 

    The customer lifetime value tells a great about the loyalty a brand commands across its target audience. While achieving profits and customers is easy, earning brand loyalty and winning trust are challenging endeavors. It takes a lifetime for a business to build trust and establish loyalty. Today, customers are highly empowered and extremely vocal about their user experiences. 

    They are quick to shun brands that compromise quality and equally quick to applaud brands that offer a unique experience. So, faced with such odds, how can a business increase its customer lifetime value and brand loyalty? Keep reading to find out. 

    Delivering Highly Personalized Content 

    A brand engages with its target audience by delivering content that appeals to its customers. If you fail to engage your audience with your content, generating leads will prove nearly impossible. So, the first step is to engage your audience by delivering highly personalized content. Naturally, this requires a business to create well-researched buyer personas and understand every customer segment in great detail. 

    Which platforms do your consumers frequently visit, and what kind of content appeals to them? Personalized content allows businesses to establish meaningful relationships by making their audience feel special. Content creation is an aspect where most small businesses and startups suffer due to a lack of resources. In 2021, numerous tools allow you to create immersive and engaging content without spending thousands of dollars. 

    Business owners can invest in ebook software, email automation tool, and built-in video templates, amongst other tools. They can also invest in tools for keyword research, SEO, and social media posts. Marketing automation software allows entrepreneurs and startup owners to prioritize content creation without burdensome expenses and creative commitments. 

    Market User-Generated Content 

    User-generated content speaks volumes about the trust and popularity a brand enjoys in the industry. Modern-day consumers are increasingly distrustful of branded advertising and marketing promotions. They are more likely to trust influencers and other users who share their customer experience and journey. Therefore, user-generated content is a powerful marketing tool to establish brand loyalty and win over new customers. 

    What is user-generated content? It is the content your fans and customers have created to praise your products or share their experience with your brand. Today, customers like sharing everything on social media. They broadcast everything they buy and eat. Most consumers make detailed product unboxing and usage videos, which can work as effective marketing content. 

    Using user-generated content will help you win users’ support who generated that content, alongside attracting new customers. When you reciprocate the love you get from a user, you win their lifetime support. You also gain a dynamic asset for word-of-mouth marketing because that user will make your brand a priority. 

    So, be sure to share all the stories, posts, and comments made by your customers and reciprocate the gesture. User-generated content works wonders at bringing in new users and encouraging existing customers to promote your brand. 

    Making Special Gestures of Customer Lifetime

    We love and adore people who go above and beyond to make us feel unique, cherished, and loved. The same equation applies to brands and their customers: brands who make unique gestures win more support. It’s all about going out of your way to make a special gesture to win over a customer. 

    Now, it may seem daunting to cultivate a relationship with just one customer, right? Wrong. Because this one customer will help you connect with scores of other customers through word-of-mouth marketing. The goal here is not to sell but rather to connect and positively impact your customer relations. 

    As a brand, you should approach customers with complimentary gifts and offers that surprise them. Nurture your existing clientele with a personal message thanking them for choosing your brand. Get creative and tap into their preferences to send unique gifts or deals based on their preferred products. 

    Loyalty Programs & Discounts of Customer Lifetime

    For decades, loyalty programs have proven a dynamic marketing tool to increase customer lifetime value and boost brand loyalty. Whether you’re a restaurant, a motel, a salon, or a handymen service, a loyalty program is highly relevant and practical. 

    The approach is to reward your customers for choosing your brand. You must devise a program that adds value to your customer relationship and encourages the customer to prioritize your brand. A loyalty program can offer unique privileges, such as first access to new collections, discount offers, seasonal deals, and exclusive deals. 

    Value-driven upselling and cross-selling are also useful techniques to establish and deepen loyalty. These cross-selling and upselling strategies revolve around adding value to the customer’s purchase. For instance, adding a buttery muffin to coffee order is a great trick to cross-sell and add value. 

    Some other examples include a special discount on a cheese platter with wine or designer ties with a tailored suit. The idea is to reduce the overall cost and sell two items at a special discount to add value to its experience. When you make the experience worthwhile for your customers, you cement your loyalty and deepen the relationship. 

    Staying Relevant & Connected

    How can you boost the daily number of transactions on your website? How can you acquire new customers and engage existing customers effectively? The key is a consistent, engaging, and highly relevant digital media presence. Businesses are increasingly under pressure to combat digital competition and to stay relevant to their target audience. 

    It is crucial to influence consumer brand positioning and stay more relevant than your competitors. It requires an active social media presence and constant website updates to keep your audience engaged. 


    Customer service is the essence of customer lifetime value and brand loyalty. Robust and courteous customer service will help you resolve issues without delay and avoid losing customers over petty matters. Consumers appreciate brands who deliver tailored and personalized customer service experience and a willingness to resolve disputes. Brands who take their customer service seriously succeed at cementing long-term customer relationships.


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