_Shawn Mendes Reveals The Reason Behind Not Sharing Stuff About His Love Life, Details Inside


    Many people do not like sharing the juicy details of their lives, and in this case,  Shah Shawn Mendes is no different. 

    But why is this news trending all over social media? Well, the cat went out of the bag when a 21-year-old female fan asked the pop star about his rumored relationship with Camila Cabello after his concert in Uncasville, Connecticut. 

    The conversation started from “have you never been in love before?” And went on to “has the fact changed recently?”

    Honestly, Mendes was ready to set the horses free on this matter but politely moved away from it by saying that he cannot make any comments on this till the “other person” in the relationship is ready to speak up. Such a gentleman we must say! 

    _Shawn Mendes Reveals The Reason Behind Not Sharing Stuff About His Love Life, Details Inside

    On the other side of the story, Cabello recently uploaded a new music video in social media with a 2-minute noodle talk on what love is. Of course, she did not mention Shawn throughout the course, but there is a strong feeling among the fans that Cabello is hinting at the “Mercy” singer.

    Cabello’s idea of love is pretty descriptive and “query-full” we must say. The singer asked various questions about the origin and destination of love. She wanted to know if it cuts deep does it pain, does it leave a mark?  Very passionate questions were posed. Coming to the most important question, does she know about love? Cabello’s answer “everything”. She seemed pretty sure about what love is and that people who get in it are never the same. The best part of the tug of war questions about love was that Cabello feels that love is all about kissing. We read you girl! Cabello and Shawn sitting under a tree! KISSING! 

    Now there is nothing to hide your lovebirds! We all saw you holding hands and cuddling the award ceremony! All Iis cute in love is all that we can say! 


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