Ariana Fletcher: Who is this millionaire Instagram Model and Influencer? Let’s find out!

Ariana Fletcher
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Instagram today has become a hotspot for modeling impassionates and people with talent. Well! There are more categories of prominent people on Instagram, such as food fanatics, vloggers, YouTubers, members, and so on. On this social site, you never know which person becomes famous and begins to earn a lot of money through their pictures and videos alone. One such person is Ariana Fletcher. To begin with, a few years back, Ariana Fletcher began to be acknowledged among the influencers’ list of millennials, thanks to her 7K followers on Instagram.Β 

Today, the beautiful and exotic Instagram celebrity, a.k.a. Ariana, has obtained 28.1k followers on the website already. Since the big-end success of this 26-year-old Ariana, fans have begun to ask more and more questions about her. For example, what is Ariana N. Fletcher’s real name?

Ariana Fletcher
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And surprisingly enough, recently, Ariana’s Instagram page has been down. So, what happened to her account? Are you also eager to know the answers to these questions? If yes, then let’s begin to count down the top 10 facts about AF (therealkylesister).Β 

Who is Ariana Fletcher?Β 

For the most part, Ariana Fletcher kickstarted her Instagram account as “the real kyle sister.” According to many fans out there, it was clickbait for Instagram followers to pitch in for her success. But, do you know who “KYLE” is, indeed?Β 

To begin with, our research unfolds that Kyle in Ariana’s Instagram handle refers to Kyle Jamison. He is no longer alive. According to Ariana’s one of the public interviews, she recognizes her brother Kyle in her Instagram identity as she lost her brother to a long-lasting illness. At the time of her brother’s death, A.Fletcher was only 10 years old.Β 

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However, on Instagram, Ariana is a well-doing model and influencer with 5 million followers and counting. If you search Ariana Fletcher on Instagram, you will come across many fan pages of hers.Β 

Is this all you know about Ariana Fletcher? Well! Don’t worry! This concise Logue will take you on a journey that includes some hidden or unknown facts about the model – ANF (Ariana N. Fletcher).Β 

#1: Ariana Fletcher is turning 27 this year

Believe it or not! But unlike many young teenage influencers, Ariana Fletcher is not one of them. According to the inside details, Ariana Fletcher’s birthday is 12 of July 1995. In 2022, she will turn 27 years old. Originally, she came from Chicago, Illinois.Β 

Currently, she is working with multiple brands as a model. Surprisingly, she is one of the most exotic black (African-American) ethnicity models on social media. In the past few years, on Instagram, she has obtained 5 million followers.Β 

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In 2013, when Ariana’s brother, Kyle Fletcher, died due to a long illness (unknown). She changed her handle to “therealkylesister,” which kept fans asking the important question, “who is kyle?”Β 

According to Wikipedia, Kyle Fletcher was born in 1998. Hence, he was three years younger than Ariana. During college, he participated in wrestling at a professional level.Β 

#2: She is a self-made businesswoman

In the 21st century, the world seems much inspired by businesswoman Kylie Jenner (billionaire at 22). But, do you know what is more inspiring about Ariana Fletcher? She is a self-made businesswoman. According to the inside details, it has been disclosed that before becoming the rich Instagram celebrity and internet personality – Ariana was only a waitress in Chicago. She followed and chased her dreams to become a model and businesswoman for many years.Β 

To the reader’s surprise, Ariana also revealed that her past workplace was Adrianna’s Nightclub. After obtaining her identity as a popular Instagram model and businesswoman, she left the waitressing job to do modeling full-time.Β 

Sounds much more inspiring than the Kardashians, right? Without a doubt, Ariana Fletcher does not originally come from a family of riches.Β 

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Indeed, Ariana’s journey to becoming a popular model on Instagram is long and unknown. According to our research, in 2017, Ariana Fletcher was running her youtube channel that included makeup tutorial videos, hairstyling, cheffing, and other vlogging videos.Β 

Her first-ever youtube video has upto 300K views approximately. Although, nowadays, she seems more indulged in her business, her son, and her modeling career. Yet, she still drops one video a month.Β 

Check out her youtube channel – theRealKyleSister.Β 

#3: She has a beautiful sister named Ashley Fletcher

When you see a beautiful model, have you ever wondered what their siblings must look like? Well! In the case of Ariana Fletcher, you do not need to run your imagination wild. Because Ariana also has a sister, Ashley, who is as beautiful and as exotic as her.Β 

However, it is challenging to catch a glimpse of Ashley Fletcher on the web. The reason is Ariana Fletcher’s family seems quite private. No pictures of her mother, father, or sister have leaked on the web yet. You can take some time out and scroll through Ariana’s Instagram account to spot her sister.Β 

#4: Ariana Fletcher’s boyfriend – is G. Herbo on the list?Β 

Do you know? Ariana Fletcher is shortly known as Ari Fletcher. It is supposedly a nickname given by her current boyfriend – Moneybagg Yo. However, Ari’s dating history includes some big names in the past as well.Β 

For example, in 2018, just after Ari’s youtube channel took off on the journey of success, she dated Gervonta Davis. He is a popular American boxer who is only 1 year older than Ari. In 2019, Gervonta and Ms. Fletcher broke up. However, this breakup did not go as silent as the couple wanted it to be. To the reader’s surprise, the split between the couple was so ugly that Ari called publications to remove her pictures with Gervonta.Β 

Ariana Fletcher
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But, this is not it. According to the inside details, in 2012, during Ari’s teenage years, she dated Freeband Joey, who is also a rich and famous Instagram celebrity.Β 

For three years (from 2015 to 2018), Ari walked hand-in-hand in a relationship with G. Herbo is also from Chicago. He is a prominent American Rapper with albums on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. Here’s a surprise – do you know? Ari and G. Herbo also have a son together. But, more on that later!

For a few months, Ari was also spotted by the media with Antonio Blankeyley, who is an American Basketball player and a part of the Tigers team.Β 

And, last but not least, she also dated Young M.A. American Rapper for a few months.Β 

#5: Ariana Fletcher – Is she a single mother now?Β 

The answer is yes. As mentioned before, Ariana Fletcher and G. Herbo also had a baby together back in 2019. The couple named their son “Yoshon herbo,” who is cute as a button.Β 

After giving birth to G. Herbo’s son, Ariana Fletcher had been dating Moneybagg Yo, who is also an American Rapper like G. Herbo. To the reader’s surprise, Moneybagg yo and Ari dropped hints about their “split” on social media by unfollowing each other on Instagram and Twitter as well.Β 

It seems like Ariana is now a single mother and independent businesswoman as she has not been seen with any of her ex-boyfriends recently by paparazzi.Β 

#6: What is Ari’s business?Β 

Have you ever witnessed the luxurious lifestyle of models on Instagram and wondered what they do? To begin with, in the case of Ariana Fletcher, it appears like she is a multi-talented young woman. According to Ari’s portfolio and inside details, she has kickstarted a hair extension company named KYCHE Extensions.Β 

Before starting a business, Ari had been in collaboration with multiple big brands for the promotion of their products. In the past, she had endorsement contracts with Fashion Nova, Savage X Fenty by Rihanna, and so on.Β 

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Apart from this, she has also signed modeling contracts which are yet not been disclosed to anyone.Β 

#7: What is Ariana Fletcher’s Net Worth?Β 

I cannot wait to find out how much this beautiful and exotic businesswoman earns? Well! To begin with, according to the reports online, Ariana Fletcher’s net worth as of 2022 estimation stands at $10 Million. Believe it or not, but for a long time, Ari’s success graph has been sliding uncontrollably.Β 

Even though Ari has not confirmed it, 20 to 30% of her income comes from brand endorsement deals and modeling. Apart from this, Ari is also rumored to be earning up to 150K per month from her Instagram profile, thanks to five million followers online and views on her reels.Β 

Not only this, but Ariana’s YouTube account/channel in the past year has grown far wide. Thanks to which it is clear that she also earns from YouTube.Β 

Last but not least, her virtually available global KYCHE Extension business is also prominent among celebrities like Rihanna. With that being said, it is no doubt that her net worth is running wild.Β 

#8: Why did Ari delete her account?Β 

When it comes to controversies, no one hides better than Instagram influencers. That’s right! 2 months ago, in January 2022, Ariana Fletcher deactivated her Instagram account, leaving fans with a question mark (why?).Β 

We may have a fitting answer for you. Before deleting their Instagram account, Ari Fletcher had appeared as a guest on the podcast show named “Don’t Call Me A White Girl.” Racist much?Β 

Ariana Fletcher
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During the podcast, Ariana talked about her abusive and toxic relationship with Moneybagg Yo. However, Ariana’s words towards “women who have been abused or been in a toxic relationship” were not very supportive.Β 

What was more than surprising is that Ari, later on, went on Instagram Live and said things like people don’t care about your domestic violence story. With such extreme twists and turns into words, Ari became a major target.Β 

As a result, she deactivated her Instagram.Β 

As you know already, Ari Fletcher is a brand ambassador for Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty. It is possible that she deleted her account to protect her position.Β 


Congratulations! Now, you know everything that is going on with Ariana Fletcher. She has not appeared on Instagram since January. What do you think is happening? For any more details about your Instagram celebs, TV Celebs, Sportsmen, Businessmen, and women, etc., drop “heart emo” with your celeb name in the comment section. Thank you!


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