Doctors Announces to use ‘Spray’ Bandages onto Wounds Soon

    Doctors Announces to use ‘Spray’ Bandages onto Wounds Soon
    Doctors Announces to use ‘Spray’ Bandages onto Wounds Soon

    Researchers at Montana Technology University, Butte has developed a device that is soon going to change the way wounds are treated.

    They have successfully developed a spray bandage that is loaded with drugs to speed up the healing process. The technology that the spray bandage gun is based on is electro-spinning.

    By making use of the electro-spinning process the spray bandage will cover the cuts with small and rather tiny fiber particles, mixed with drugs to provide the wound controlled medication over-time.

    The new technology will also successfully limit the need for changing the dressing constantly and erase the fear of infection spread.

    Doctors Announces to use ‘Spray’ Bandages onto Wounds Soon
    Doctors Announce to use ‘Spray’ Bandages onto Wounds Soon

    The team of scientists particularly thinks and mentions that this new age innovation in the medical world will help people in remote areas where immediate medical care is scarce.

    The spray bandage will provide immediate protection to the wound. Electro-spinning technology is generally used in the textile/clothing and filtration systems. But electro-spinning works on electricity at a very high-voltage which can be extremely hazardous and when used on human skin.

    To answer this, the research team has confirmed the use of electric-field in limits with the development of a portable electrospinning device for the bandage spray.

    They also reveal that the device instead of using electricity to deposit fiber uses air to spray fiber and drugs on the human skin. The experiment has been successfully tested on pigs and a gloved human hand.

    Lane Huston, the lead author of the study, published in the Journal, Vacuum Science & Technology B, shares that the material of the bandage and the drugs in the spray can be customized making the treatment more useful for each patient.

    The research team hopes that the spray gun will help doctors and medical personnel to treat injuries in remote locations in a much better way.



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