Fans encourage Big Hit Entertainment to add captions to BTS’s new DVD


    One of the biggest bands in the world from South Korea, BTS had recently launched its new ARMY membership kits. Fans have requested Big Hit Entertainment to add translations to the content for its non-Korean fan base.

    They have even said that the Big Hit Entertainment should add translations to all of the on paid BTS content to help BTS’s growing international fan base.

    Big Hit Entertainment is known to release many of the BTS content ranging from the free versions including Bangtan Bombs on Youtube to paid content like DVDs, BTS Bon Voyage and fan club memberships.

    Fans encourage Big Hit Entertainment to add captions to BTS’s new DVD

    When the new ARMY membership kits were released, international fans realized that the entire content is the Korean language. The fans were a bit disappointed as they felt that the kits should have the translations as the product has a global target market.

    Let’s check out one of the tweets from a fan saying that “One last thing: if @weverseofficial@weplyofficial tweet in a language to buy something like BV4 or ARMY Kits, then the content should be translated in their regional language. At least the paid content should come with translations. Free content might not need to be that detailed. @BigHitEnt”.

    Another tweet said that “They straight up be out here advertising under false pretenses with words like Global and using translated selling points and then offer no translation on the actual product? Nah I’m furious”.

    BTS is not being asked to sing or release content in various languages but at least sell their products with translations added afterward. BTS has recently gained global traction and ARMY has been adamant that BTS should not change their identity. Fans have always supported the band saying that they will not release a track in English and the fans respect that. However, targeting the international market, they will have to add some modifications.


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