Google Stadia: Looks and Feels Good

    Google Stadia: Looks and Feels Good
    Google Stadia: Looks and Feels Good

    Google will be entering the video-game business later this year. But Stadia, the name for Google’s new game-streaming service coming in November, isn’t as hyped about as it could have been.

    To be clear, Google Stadia has many things going for it. There’s just one problem, but it’s a big one: You have to buy any game you want to play on Stadia (unless it’s free of cost) and that is even if you purchased it on other platforms like Xbox or the PS4.

    Stadia customers have no option but to double-dip on games they already have if they actually want to try it on Google play services. It means it’s definitely an alternative to the existing concept of gaming but not necessarily the cheaper alternative.

    Google Stadia: Looks and Feels Good
    Google Stadia: Looks and Feels Good

    For example, if you want to buy the Stadia Pro plan for $10. It gives you access to games like Destiny 2. But if you want to play games that your mates are playing now like “Borderlands 3” and “Doom Eternal” to name a couple, you have to purchase these games separately. According to Google, its games will cost anything between $10 and $60.

    As two of those games are the latest ones, let’s say you only have to pay $50 per title (maybe Google even gives you a nice $10 discount on each one for having a Pro subscription), it will still milk you of $100 in addition to your pro subscription plan.

    Google’s “Founder’s Pack” comes with a Stadia controller, a Chromecast, 3 months of Pro plan and other exclusive features.

    A lot of people will still end up buying Stadia. But it would have much more welcome and received by gamers if it worked like the Netflix model. One has access to all games available in the library. This also means that a person will be willing to spend more on their monthly pack, maybe even up to $40( hypothetically, of course).

    It will be a fascinating watch to see Stadia roll out in today’s market. But the way it is likely to be structured, it is definitely going to be too rich a gadget for most of the people.



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