Harry Potter spells list – Meaning, pronunciation, and scenes to recreate your memory of the movie

Harry Potter spells list
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The Harry Potter series has been acknowledged for many bizarre things. From Harry talking to a snake in the movie to the most prominent villain of all times – Lord Voldemort, we have every little thing about it. Haven’t we? In the 90s, Harry Potter movies made children much more interested in a thrilling film based on Magic. Today, when we talk about Magic or magic schools, the Harry Potter movie set is the first thing pop-up in mind. Hence, we are here today to enjoy some most astonishing Harry Potter spells list for fun. 

The following spells from the Harry Potter series are pretty famous. Well! We will never know if they work for real, but good luck! Here we go:

Wingardium Leviosa – favourite Harry Potter spells list hacked by Hermoine

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Could Hermoine be any more show-off when she tried to teach Ron and Harry Potter the spell called Wingardium Leviosa? According to the Harry Potter Wikipedia fandom, Win-gar-die Le-vi-o-sa is a magic spell that is used to alleviate objects. Hermoine tried to alleviate a bird’s fur in the air using this spell in the movie scene. So, fortunately, next time you want to carry a TV remote without getting up, why not “Wingardium Leviosa” it? 

Obliviate – Another of Hermoine’s expert spell

Don’t we all wish we hadn’t said or done something we shouldn’t have? Well! If we were in the Harry Potter series, it would have been much easier to do. Isn’t it? We could have just “obliviated” it. That’s right! The spell from Harry Potter Obliviate is used for erasing the other individual’s memory. 

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Petrificus Totalus: Harry potter, spells list

Moving on! Petrificus totalus is yet another much-researched spell from the Harry Potter movies. In the movie, this spell was used by Hermoine on another student at the magic school to freeze his body. This spell is acknowledged for temporarily freezing one’s body until the speller’s motive is complete. It is definitely harsh but exciting. 

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Here’s a fun fact: this spell is used twice in the series, first on Nivelle in the Harry Potter – Philosopher’s Stone. And another two times, in the Half-Blood Prince. 

Locomotor Mortis: Malfoy’s Harry Potter spells list

When it comes to the Harry Potter series, it is still interesting to watch because the three friends in a group are hilariously blended. Hermoine is the smart one. Harry Potter is the one with ancient knowledge of Magic. And, Malfoy appears like he has shown to the magic school because everyone was doing it.

In the movie, Locomotor Mortis spell had been used to lock the legs of individuals who seem to attack Harry. In Magic language, it is called the Leg-Lock curse. 


Have you ever wondered if we could stop our friends from spilling our secrets in front of parents unknowingly? It would be much calming if we could “landlock” them. To begin with, in Magic language, “Langlock” is a spell that causes the other individual’s tongue to stick with the roof of their month. Hence, the other person cannot speak. Great curse! Harry Potter fans must have whispered landlock multiple times whenever the other person starts talking. Wish it could just work once!

Impedimenta – Harry Potter spells list – special pick

As it seems, the word impedimenta in English means “equipment” or accessories, or junk, etc. But, the meaning of Impedimenta jinx in the Harry Potter films is quite different and exciting. According to the purpose, intense impedimenta causes the other person’s movement to stick at a single place. If the spell is not that intense, then the target person’s activity slows down. 

To be honest, this spell must have received much appreciation amid COVID-19 to cause people to stick to a safer place at home. 


Do you know what would be fun? THE Glisseo prank. That’s right. According to the Magic spell list from Harry Potter, this spell literally turns a staircase into a flat surface or slide. As long as you may remember, this spell had used on the staircase, leading to the girl’s dormitories for stopping boys from entering it. Circa, one of the founders of the school, had used it. 

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 Expecto Patronum or the Patronus Charm

Do you know what the distincts a jinx spell from a charm spell? Well! According to the meanings in the Harry Potter spells list, any “spell” which intends to harm the targeted person is a jinx or curse. On the other hand, any spell that intends to protect the other person is “charm.”

For example, Albus Dumbledore used the charm – Expecto Patronum to protect Harry potter. It means “I expect or await a guardian.” Patronus charms are also called wizardkind. They have a long-due hierarchy in the Harry Potter series of spells. 

Homenum Revelio

In today’s world, every person has a “fake” mask to create a different impression on the other person. If Magic were somewhat real from Harry Potter, Homenum Revelio would have been the perfect spell to apply to people with counterfeit personality or expressions. 

Harry Potter SPELLS LIST
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To begin with, Homenum Revelio is a charm that applies to the target to reveal his real personality or face. There are many times when villains like Malfoy, Lord Voldemort, or even Harry Potter took another person’s face and became a duplicate for one’s own benefit. 

Homunculus Charm 

Do you know what the Harry Potter films have made us all realize? Well! If that kind of Magic was real, cops’ jobs would have been much, much more manageable. Thanks to the spell called homunculus charm. For the most part, this spell is used to detect the target’s true identity and detect his/her location on a piece of animal skin paper called parchment. 

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In the movie, the charm has also used to create maps for the school as it was pretty significant in the context of infrastructure. So, Good luck with Google Maps. if ever “Homunculus charm worked in real life, Google will go through the greatest loss.” 

Furnunculus Jinx

This is the saddest spell from the Harry Potter spells list we have encountered. Apparently, there’s a spell to trigger “pimples” and “boils” on the targeted person’s face and body. It seems like a nightmare for ladies that have come true. In the movie, Harry Potter used this jinx on Malfoy once. However, they hit Ron Weasely by mistake. In the fourth part of the series called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry mistakenly blended two jinks that caused Gregory Goyle to suffer. 

Harry Potter spells list
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To begin with, at first, this spell had created a dirty joke in our minds. However, this spell does not mean what it “spells” like. Erecto is a spell that remains utilisable for creating a ready-to-use tent. Not only this, but using Erecto, one can build multiple erected objects. 

Evasco – Harry Potter Spells List

If I were a magic person, I would have used “evanasco” each time my parents entered my room. Do you know? The Harry Potter spells list mentions Evanasco as a spell to “make things disappear.” This spell would have also been relevant to make student’s wands disappear in the movie so that they could study once in a while. LOL. 

Engorgio Charm 

Harry Potter has not always been about attacking each other. But, once in a while in the Harry Potter films, beautiful moments have appeared. Do you remember? When using a spell, a flower grows within a few nanoseconds. It was a heartwarming moment. Engorgio Charm causes the objects to grow to their fullest. 

Disapparate or Apparate – Travelling charm

The movie Harry Potter has always shocked its first-time viewers. Even today, the Harry Potter film series is available to watch on prominent platforms like Netflix and Amazon. But have you ever focused on the spells? If not, Disapparate is a spell in the movie. It focuses for disappearing from one location and appearing on the other. Akin to this, the spell “Apparate” used for the vice-versa effect. In real life, this spell had utterly destroyed the transport industry. Want to go somewhere? Just disapparate it!

Harry Potter movies
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Avada Kedavra – The Killing Curse

Avada Kedavra is one of the most common spells. In real life as well, if you see any magician, he/she tends to use these two words whenever they are among their audience. Yet, do you know? Avada Kedavra is an evil curse. That’s right! In English, it has also known for being the “Killing Curse.” 

Harry Potter SPELLS LIST
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In the movie, Avada Kedavra is a curse that is unforgivable as it kills the target. According to the Harry Potter novel series, in the history of Magic, no witch or wizard have survived this spell except Harry Potter himself. What would you do to survive this curse? 

Aparecium – Harry Potter Spells List

Aparecium is a curse or charm used for revealing hidden messages. In the movies, there are multiple scenes where the team Harry Potter accessed hidden or secret books or messages via this spell. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

Legilimens – Charm to read another person’s mind

Avada Kedavra, Legilimens is another beautiful curse/charm in the movie that permits witches and wizards to read the targeted individual’s mind or thoughts. We all wish we could do the same in real life. 

So, are you thrilled to know the most famous Harry Potter spells list? Bookmark us for amazing facts about fictional movies and tv series. Come back for more every weekend. 


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