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    how to delete a YouTube channel
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    How to delete a youtube channel? If your youtube channel is receiving an unwanted audience or, for some reason, it has received a warning for being shut down. This guide will help you close, hide, or delete your youtube channel temporarily or permanently. 

    Youtube is a persistently growing media platform over the world wide web. Since the 90s, when the internet was relatively new for countries like India. Youtube was in trend. And surprisingly enough, it still is. Whether you want to watch a new song or find global debates on recent events, Youtube is a virtual place where every user visits once a day. 

    delete YouTube

    Youtubers find it quite challenging to keep their channel in the talk(s) among the potential youth audience as they are the future. But, if anything goes wrong on youtube. Or, if you upload a controversial video on youtube, the authorities will send you several warnings because of deleting your video or simply de-monetizing it. In such cases, the best way to get out of controversy is merely deleting your channel. In the event that your channel is quite prominent with thousands of subscribers, you can simply hide it till the discussion goes down. 

    There are multiple reasons for different YouTubers to delete their channel. For example, if you want to create a fresh new channel with the same Gmail and mobile number, you may need to delete the previous one. 

    Hence, in this reading, let’s find out how to delete a youtube channel permanently or temporarily? You will also learn what the alternatives of deleting a youtube channel that you can apply are. Let’s get started: 

    How to delete a youtube channel permanently? 

    First, it is crucial to note that the following “how to delete a youtube channel” guide will permanently delete your channel. Meaning, all the videos and posts that have been posted on your channel will delete from scratch. It is also critical to mention that no other subscriber on your channel will be able to access any of the deleted videos on your channel. Indeed, if your subscriber searches for your channel on youtube, he/she wouldn’t be willing to find it. 

    Hence, deleting a youtube channel permanently means saying “goodbyes” to your thousands of subscribers, all the content on your channel, including likes, comments, and whatnot. 

    It is also important to acknowledge that your eligibility to monetize the channel will be lost once you delete your youtube channel permanently. Meaning, if you desire to restart the channel at any point in future, you will have to regain subscribers and watch hours to kickstart your channel with monetization abilities. 

    So, here’s a STEP to STEP guide on how to delete a youtube channel permanently:

    STEP 1: Open the Youtube Studio

    First of all, go to the youtube studio. Before you delete your channel, it is recommendable to go through its growth statistics to figure out if it’s worth it. From youtube studio, you can also view all your videos and download the important ones. Because once the channel has been deleted, it will be all gone. 

    STEP 2: Go to the Settings

    When you open the youtube studio, on the right side of the screen, you will be able to see a “settings” icon. Now, once you click on settings, you will be redirected to general settings. Thus, tap on the “Channel” option in the settings menu. Move further and click on the “advanced setting” option. 

    STEP 3: Delete your channel

    Now, scroll down and tap on the “remove youtube content” option at the bottom. Then, click on the “I want to delete my content” option permanently. To confirm your action, tick in the box that appears on the screen. At last, tap on delete my content. 

    Note: Deleting a youtube channel may take time for the youtube authorities to take it down from scratch. Mainly if the channel contains exaggerated content in large volume. Hence, there are chances that you will still be able to view your videos for hours after you delete the channel. 

    Apart from this, the readers must also note that deleting the youtube channel does not impact the YouTuber’s Google Account in any way possible. Thus, if you want to delete your Gmail account, you will have to perform a whole other process. 

    How to hide a channel for a temporary period? 

    Do you know one of the most extraordinary powers of media channels? Well! Here you can appear and disappear anytime you want. Similarly, on youtube, you can delete your youtube channel temporarily by simply hiding it. It will allow you to get a little time off media and focus on other significant factors of your life. 

    Hence, let’s take a glance at how to delete a youtube channel temporarily? 

    STEP 1: Visit Youtube Studio

    If your youtube channel is not redirected or automatically visitable on your browser, then sign in to your youtube studio using username and password. In Youtube studio, you can find and view all types of your channel’s specifics like videos, analytics, monetization, copyright or blocked videos, and so on. 

    how to delete a YouTube channel
    Source: YouTube

    STEP 2: Go to the settings

    To go to the setting menu, tap on the “display picture” icon at the top right corner. And tap on the “settings” option. Since your requirement relates to the channel, tap on the “channel” option and further, go to the “Advanced setting” menu. 

    STEP 3: Delete your channel temporarily

    Now, scroll down to the bottom. You will see an option saying “Remove Youtube content.” Tap on it. Further, you will need to re-enter your username and password as it is a sensitive matter. Then, tap on the “I want to hide my content.” In order to confirm your choice, tick on the box. At last, click on the “Hide my channel” option. 

    For the most part, the YouTuber has the authority to restart the channel anytime and anywhere using a username and password. However, both how to delete a youtube channel permanently and how to temporarily hide a youtube channel are not functional on the youtube mobile app or youtube browser version. The reason being, youtube studio is complex and is not accessible via mobile app. 

    Everything you need to know before deleting or hiding your youtube channel

    When you have a well-established, maintained, and monetized youtube channel, it can be challenging to delete it or hide it by scratch. The reason being, it can cost you a lot of fame and money. There is no doubt that a YouTuber can earn more than enough to avoid having a corporate job or work for a living by monetizing a youtube channel. Amazing content makers on youtube like influencers, debaters, roasters, gamers, and others earn bulk of money from youtube videos. 

    But, youtube also demands hard work. Before you can monetize your youtube channel, you will have to gain at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. So, if you have those, you may regret deleting your youtube channel out of borderline mood. So, to reconstruct your decision, note the following facts related to deleting or hiding youtube channel:

    Fans’ comments delete permanently

    If you are thinking to simply hide your youtube channel instead of deleting it to avoid any content loss, you are simply wrong. When you hide your youtube channel, all the fans’ comments and replies delete automatically and permanently. There is no way you can recover them. 

    If you search, you will see “private video” in the thumbnail

    Once you have hidden your youtube channel, you and your fans will no longer be able to view videos in the youtube search. Instead, it will appear as “private videos.” To be honest, youtube’s “private videos” are a big-time turn-off for youtube lovers. Hence, it can cost you your fame among youtube users. 

    You can be a victim of cyber duplicacy

    Let’s suppose you had a youtube channel with thousands of subscribers. But, out of nowhere, one day, you deleted your channel. Now, your channel does not exist. Thus, another YouTuber can take advantage of this move and create a youtube channel with the same name. Since your channel has enough goodwill, it will get subscribers instantly for being eligible for monetization. 

    Hence, before you delete your youtube channel or hide it, it is recommendable to get your content copyright. 

    Sometimes youtube channel never delete from the scratch

    There’s no doubt that youtube is a whole nother world. There is no virtual platform bigger and diversified than youtube over the worldwide web. Thus, it is rather non-reassuring to say that your youtube channel will delete fully. Sometimes, when a youtube channel contains unlimited content. It is challenging for youtube to get rid of all the content from scratch. Thus, when your fans will search for your videos, they rarely find videos with the same thumbnail. However, they instantly become private or inaccessible. 

    So, if you are creating a youtube channel, remember that 1% or 0.0001% of your content will remain there even after you delete it. 


    So, are you thrilled to delete your youtube channel and move on to a new platform for fame and games? BRAVO! Come back for more tips and tricks to settle in your virtual life. Bookmark us for more insights. 


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