Guide On How To Reverse Image Search Using Your Smartphones

    Image Search Using Smartphones

    When you say “image search using smartphones,” it is the operation by which you search for pictures using your favorite search engines using a particular keyword or set of words that can support you with this function. You may do the opposite result when reversing the image search. You may know the source of the images as well as find related items. 

    One of the most useful technologies in modern days is to execute a reverse image search. Searching for a picture’s source will save effort in finding the specific set of keywords or terms that would bring you the desired outcome. 

    Often reverse image search technologies use a range of algorithms to search and identify images based on length, structure, shades, and other extra features. Most reverse image search systems also face detection, which allows us to scan for photographs or pictures of particular individuals.

    It has been tough for many people to do a reverse image search using mobile phones, though. The beautiful thing is that this can now be on computers and smartphones, quicker than ever. Whether you are running Chrome on an iOS or Android phone, a search for the reverse image search using smartphones is secure and comfortable. 

    Using an iPad or iPhone

    Once you have all the photos downloaded on your phone, a procedure is available for uploading it to use for reverse image searching. Nonetheless, on your phone, you’ll need to run on a new condition. To upload a photo to perform a reverse image search, you need to activate the Desktop version of the image search in Google.

    The first step on how to reverse image search on phone is to browse inside your mobile browser to You will have to request the desktop version if you wish to. Select the Sharing icon, which has an arrow pointing up, to enter the Share panel while using Safari. 

    However, if you are running Chrome, hit the More button, which is in the lower-right corner of the screen as three dots. After that, you have to press the icon, a small camera to enable a photo upload option. 

    Using Android Devices

    As with iOS devices, when running Android, you’ll have to take an extra step. It’s a little unique to the iPhone or iPad, though. First of all, open in your internet browser, and ask for the Desktop version. 

    Click the three vertical dots found at the top-right corner of the screen to display the More menu when running Chrome. After that, pick the feature Desktop Page, and press the mini camera logo to trigger a photo upload feature.

    But when you prefer using smartphone apps over common browsers, various Android and iOS applications are available to help you locate the picture. Using them is very accessible and makes life easier from trying to open an internet browser.

    Using The Reversee App

    The reverse is one of the top alternatives among apple users, helping them to tilt and crop images before searching them. It also serves as an extension to iOS, and you can incorporate it into browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Camera Roll. The premium version contains several extra services and no advertisements.

    With Reversee, you can access various search engines, edit your images, paste hyperlinks of the photos, and more. This app is only available for Apple users, and not with Android devices.

    Using Photo Sherlock

    This handy platform assists users to access Yandex and Google to execute a fast reverse image search. You can either transfer a picture from the gallery of your device or snap a photo. It is user friendly and convenient to use.

     Users can click the camera icon or gallery at the bottom of the device, crop or add adjustments as necessary, and do reverse image searches to determine the image’s root or location. This application is available for both Apple and Android users. 

    Using Google Lens

    Google Lens uses the Google photos application for Android and Apple platforms. They were previously only available with Pixel smartphones. According to your phone, you can download Google Photos via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

    When enabled, you may use the Google Photos app to execute a reverse image search on stored pictures. Users can pick the photos they want and then tap the Google Lens button at the bottom.


    There are so many reasons as to why reverse image search using smartphones is a valuable and useful technology. Whether you want to check or verify something or you want to locate the origin of a specific image, people use this application or technology to assist them. 

    Sometimes, it is also an excellent technology wherein you can find the sources of stolen content used for malicious reasons. Technologies keep on developing to help and assist us with our daily tasks and needs.


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