POTUS: 5 Facts That You Should Know About Past and Present Us Presidents

    Present Us Presidents

    Even though the world is in a pandemic right now, global superpowers still are present today. When you talk about global superpowers, these are nations with a booming economy,  advanced technologies, and an efficient and powerful military force. Examples of these countries are India, China, Germany, Russia, etc. Many nations can be called a superpower, but one nation is a step ahead of every country. The United States of America has been and is always one of the top superpowers in the world with present US presidents. Because of their wealth and capability, the US is not a force to be reckoned with. Among other nations, the US has been part of several conflicts, post World War II. In this blog, you will know about POTUS: 5 Facts That You Should Know About Past and Present Us Presidents.

    With that said, a strong nation needs a strong leader. Enter POTUS or the President of the United States. The US president is one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. Whenever there’s a change of the President through elections, the world stops and watches the United States of America. 

    As the citizens of the United States vote for a new president, people from all over the world watch closely. No matter where you are in the world, a superpower’s President can influence, whether noticeable or not, in our lives. This fact is how powerful a president from a wealthy country can get.

    With that said, let’s get to know the POTUS. Here are some interesting facts about present US presidents from the past to the present.

    The Tallest American President

    If you’re talking about influence of present US presidents, you can’t leave out Honest Abe. To this day, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most beloved US presidents to have ever served his country. Many know how honest and trustworthy Abraham Lincoln was, hence the nickname, “Honest Abe.” One of the most interesting US Presidents facts is that he’s also the tallest President to have entered office. He stands at a towering 6 feet and 4 inches tall. 

    Apart from being honest, Abraham Lincoln’s lasting legacy was that he was responsible for the emancipation of slaves and the abolition of slavery. Because of his lasting impact on race and equality, he rightfully deserves a spot on Mount Rushmore.

    The 1st President of the United States of America

    Perhaps one of the most recognizable faces in the world is George Washington. Not only is his face on every $1 US dollar, but he’s also the first president of the United States of America. His term started on April 30, 1789, and ended on March 4, 1797.

    For Americans, George Washington is one of the most influential presidents to run the country. Although he did not attend college, George taught himself important skills that helped him through tough times. Not only is he a decorated general, but he’s also one of the founding fathers. George Washington’s face is one of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore.

    The Tragic Four

    Although being the POTUS means you get to head a superpower, it also comes with its dangers. In the whole existence of the US government, four presidents have tragically met their demise through assassinations. 

    The first to be killed was Abraham Lincoln. He was shot in the back of the head while watching a theatre play. The second president to be assassinated was James A. Garfield. Less than four months into his term, Garfield was shot two times by a disgruntled lawyer. Although he didn’t die from the gunshot wounds, he suffered from infections and complications from medical malpractice.

    The third president to be killed while serving the country was William McKinley. He was shot by a crazed anarchist. The bullets pierced his abdomen. Like Garfield, McKinley did not die from the gunshot wound but from the gangrene and infection of his injuries. Because of this, Congress directed the Secret Service to protect future Presidents as part of their mandate. 

    The last President to be assassinated was John F. Kennedy.  Although the Secret Service did a great job of protecting past presidents, they failed to protect one of the biggest “what ifs” of the world. John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a motorcade in Dallas. His assassination was caught on camera and is the subject of many conspiracy theories.

    John F. Kennedy died from two gunshot wounds, one on the back that exited through his throat and one on the back of the head. He was killed by a sniper holding a Mannlicher–Carcano infantry rifle.

    A US President Helped the World Understand Electricity

    One of the most important qualities a POTUS should have is intelligence. One of the most intelligent people back in the day was Benjamin Franklin. Yes, he’s the same President who flew a kite through a stormy night to find out if electricity had a positive and negative charge. Not only was Franklin smart, but he also had great contributions to the country. He is also one of the four faces found on Mount Rushmore.

    Impeached Presidents

    Only three presidents have been successfully impeached while serving their terms. These presidents were former president Andrew Johnson in 1868, former president Bill Clinton in 1998, and current President Donald Trump. Although these presidents were impeached, they were acquitted shortly and were not removed from office.

    Additional Fact: Richard Nixon was supposed to be impeached but voluntarily resigned after being dragged into the Watergate Scandal.


    One of the most powerful nations in the world also needs one of the most powerful men to lead it. The POTUS or the President of the United States is indeed a powerful person. His job is to lead one of the world’s greatest nations, the United States of America. The facts mentioned above are some of the more interesting aspects of being POTUS.


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