Juanita Vanoy, Micheal Jordan’s ex-wife remarried? Where is she now?

Juanita Vanoy
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Juanita Vanoy filed for divorce only after 13 years of Marriage. But, it cost more than that to Micheal Jordan.

When we think of celebrities and their spouses, we often get jealous. They have a luxurious lifestyle, a loving & caring partner, and healthy marriage. But, some things are not always what they seem to like! In 2021, the fuss about Jeff Bezos’s divorce from McKenzie Scott caused the internet to go wild. The woman left the richest man on the planet and took away only $53 million.

Micheal Jordan ex wife
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According to Forbes, it is one of the most expensive divorce settlements in history. But, do you know? Juanita Vanoy, the ex-wife of Micheal Jordan, is also one of the clones of McKenzie Scott. That’s right! In 2007, Micheal Jordan and wife Juanita Vanoy parted their ways, leaving three children in the loop. 

What’s the Gossip today? 

So, next time when someone shocks you with the news of the Amazon founder’s expensive divorce, you shake them back with Jaunita Vanoy and Micheal Jordan’s tragic divorce settlement. Of course, it wasn’t much of a tragedy for the lady because she got $168 million from the historical professional basketball player, MJ. Gosh! One hundred sixty-eight million USD is a lot to have the permission to walk out of someone’s life permanently. But M.J. did it. 

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In 2020, Netflix announced a soon-to-come documentary on Micheal Jordan’s life. It is called “The Last Dance.” But, when it finally came out, it was all about M.J.’s gaming career and beginning as America’s top businessman. Viewers went home quite disappointed as they didn’t get a glimpse of his personal life. But, to be honest, having a wife to leave you and take away 50% of your net worth is not something to brag about. 

Yet, if you are still interested to know, we have done our research. Here’s everything you need to know about Juanita Vanoy and her relationship with Micheal Jordan. Are you ready for the gossip of the day? Let’s begin:

The couple met in Chicago’s Bennigans Restaurant

Every once in a while, we fantasize about meeting our “forever-one” like a movie scene. First, you do not know each other. Then you walk into a restaurant. You have a friend there in someone’s company. And, as soon as your friend introduces you to that “someone.” They become yours forever. Well! This rarely happens in life. But, for Micheal Jordan and Juanita Vanoy, it was an actual scenario. 

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When Micheal Jordan was introduced to Miss Vanoy in 1985, they hit it off. After four years of a prosperous relationship, the couple got married. But was the relationship thriving? This is explained ahead. 

M.J. and Juanita Vanoy tied the knots out of concern for their son

This situation persistently reminds me of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. scene when Ross proposed to Rachel for marriage because she got pregnant accidentally. However, Rachel denied it because she thought a marriage without love is never a good idea. And, after listening to Micheal Jordan and ex-wife Juanita Vanoy’s wedding story, you will believe in Rachel’s words too. 

To begin with, the couple’s wedding ceremony was not a big hoop on television. The reason being, they married in Las Vegas secretly in a chapel in 1989. At the time, both man and wife were already parents of Jeffery Jordan. Indeed, this marriage was only possible to happen because of Jeff as Juanita was persistently concerned about M.J.’s non-attentive behaviour towards her and her son. Why so? This takes us to the following fact!

Micheal Jordan did not trust Jaunita Vanoy

Love is when your partner says the sky is red, and you believe it! However, when Juanita told Micheal Jordan that she is pregnant, M.J. freaked out and expressed his doubts about this pregnancy out loud. It might be heart-breaking for Juanita to face such a situation. Hence, she involved a legal attorney in this. And, thankfully, Jeffery Jordan is now today known by his father’s legacy. 

Even though the couple married out of tragic situations and persistent doubtful scenarios yet, M.J. said that marriage made him a mature man during a public interview. It was a crucial move for him, but worth it!

In 17 years, the couple became parents of 3 children

As mentioned before, Micheal Jordan’s wife gave birth to Jeffery Jordan in 1988 out of wedlock. Thankfully, it is not a taboo anymore. Rumours were when Micheal and Juanita married in November 1989. She was already pregnant. Because, in 1990, she gave birth to another son named Marcus.

Juanita Vanoy's son Marcus
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Further, in 1992, the couple was blessed with a baby girl named Jasmine. Now, it’s 2021 already. Are you wondering what M.J.’s sons are up to? Well! You will be surprised to know that Micheal Jordan’s sons are great football players. However, due to interest-based differences, they did not take part in the N.B.A. It is sad for M.J.’s most prominent fans out there. 

Jasmine daughter of Vanoy MJ
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However, it’s no big deal. Because it seems like both sons are doing great in the business industry. Jeffery Jordan is the primary owner of the Jordan brand. Whereas Marus owns the store chains by the name “Trophy Room.” Jasmine is also a part of Jordan Brand. She works for Nike. 

Juanita Vanoy was the one to file the divorce in 2002

When marriages fall apart, society points fingers at the person who files for divorce. Or request a separation through court. In Juanita Vanoy and Micheal Jordan’s divorce, Vanoy was the first one to take the harsh step of separation. But, women are women. They melt! Hence, after a few months of filing for divorce, Juanita, for some reason, revamped her request. In 2007, M.J. publicly announced his separation. 

Juanita Vanoy husband
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Do you know who was more shocked than M.J.’s fans? Well! The biggest shock came to M.J. and Juanita’s closest friends. Possibly those who introduced both of them to each other in Chicago. But, sadly, the “muddling” didn’t work out. 

Juanita Vanoy net worth increased instantly

On the internet, if you look up the richest women in the world, you will find Juanita Vanoy in one of the rankings. According to trustable sources, it has been concluded that Juanita’s current net worth is $200 million in Micheal Jordan’s ex-wife. The compensation paid by Michael Jordan for Juanita to leave as per her will was $168 million. Additionally, the woman also took half of the share of the mansion the couple shared. That too, in cash!

“The Last Dance” omitted Micheal Jordan wife on purpose

Believe it or not, when you leave the luckiest person you have in your life, you also lose the chance to be seen on the big screen. And Micheal Jordan is the most prominent legend in basketball history. To begin with, there was no particular reason given by the directors of “The Last Dance” to omit Jordan’s personal life from the documentary. 

For those who haven’t watched it, it is a must-see mini-series. Up until now, whatever rumours you have heard about Micheal Jordan Net Worth, Retirement, Gambling issues, and conspiracies, everything is served in this documentary. 

And to be honest, it is much more spicy and inspiring than Juanita’s involvement in M.J.’s life as a partner. A straightforward reason for directors to omit the personal life of M.J. is that they do not want to portray it as a romantic or household drama. 

Seems fair enough?

Did Juanita Vanoy remarry? 

From the divorce stories of Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, Amber Heard, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and who not! There’s always one thing in common. What is that? There’s always a third person in the picture. So, was Juanita Vanoy cheating on M.J.? Or, was the situation otherwise? According to the statements given during the divorce settlement, the couple based their decision on irreconcilable differences. 

The surprising part is, Juanita Vanoy (Wikipedia) did not remarry. She is single and happy. To be honest, self-love is worth it! And, it’s fun when you have $168 million in your bank account. 

Did Micheal Jordan remarry? 

You can’t get enough gossip, can you? Well! Here’s the last treat for you. The answer is YES. Micheal Jordan married Yvette Perito in 2013. She is one of the most popular models in America. And, you will be stunned to know that she has modelled for Alexander Wang in the past. Initially, she is from Florida. Currently, mother of two twin girls. Victoria Jordan, one of the daughters, takes a high interest in basketball. 

Source: The San-Diego Union Tribune

Spoiler Alert: Yvette Perito also has some remarkable past with controversies filled. Here’s one for you: She has dated Julio Iglesias Jr, one of the most popular singers in Spain. 


It is funny how sometimes celebrities struck a moment when they feel like part of a drama in real life. And, believe it! It does not feel good. Anyway! Today, the basketball legend Micheal Jordan is happily married. If you have seen “The Last Dance,” you will know that Yvette and Juanita are not in there. Although, in the last episode, Juanita’s children with M.J. have interviewed. And, thanks to them, many controversies about Micheal’s personal life cleared up. 

Sometimes, I wonder how we would interact if there were no celebrities to talk about? Do you think the same? If yes, comment the name of your favourite star in the section below. And, we will come up with another gossip section. 


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