LG G8X ThinQ the “foldable” LG smartphone : Review

    LG G8X ThinQ the "foldable" LG smartphone : Review
    LG G8X ThinQ the "foldable" LG smartphone : Review

    The LG G8X’s appeal may be niche, but it’s an interesting concept that offers an alternative to foldable phones that gives budget-conscious buyers more screen for whatever they want to do on their phone.

    While the core device isn’t too exciting, it packs the leading Snapdragon 855 processor and doesn’t lack in performance – but whether to buy really boils down to how much one wants more screen.

    What makes these devices so interesting is the flexible foldable displays. However, at a time when foldable are getting interesting again, LG went with the old school approach and connected two separate displays with a hinge.

    LG G8X ThinQ the "foldable" LG smartphone : Review
    LG G8X ThinQ the “foldable” LG smartphone: Review

    The LG G8X is an attractive and competitively priced phone in its own right, and the useful second screen is enticing for those unsure about the more expensive Galaxy Fold. The LG G8X isn’t the first LG phone to work with the company’s Dual Screen accessory.

    You’d really have to want the Dual Screen for this to make sense as your daily phone, though, which means you’d really have to be okay with a bulky device that requires some effort to get the most out of.

    The G8X is not competitive as a traditional smartphone, and I can’t recommend it over a $599 OnePlus 7T, a $699 iPhone 11, or even an on-sale Galaxy S10. But that’s because I don’t know if you, the reader, are someone who would have any use for a wacky dual-screen wallet case. If you know that you are, I think you’ll enjoy the LG G8X.

    As a standalone flagship phone, LG’s new G8X ThinQ doesn’t actually stand out — it’s perfectly adequate. Attach its Dual Screen case and things suddenly get more interesting. Combined, these devices offer a taste of the multi-screen life other companies have attempted to popularize, and they’re surprisingly good for multitasking.

    The G8X and its second screen often act like two entirely separate phones after all. Where LG falls short is polish: Some experiences that use both screens can be finicky or feel limited. If you can find a good deal on a G8X and its second screen, it’s definitely worth considering.


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