Linda Ronstadt has found her another voice.


    Linda Ronstadt had to give up performing because of her Parkinson’s disease, which made singing an extremely difficult task for her. A few months back she spoke to the sellout crowd at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles who came to meet her and talk to her about her experiences. She exchanged her experiences and views.

    She said and expressed her feeling to the crowd that they were the real heroes who made the song such a hit but then she had to sing that song over and over again till the time it sounded like a washing machine. The crowd wanted to know her stories of life and career, as when she toured for four months as the opening act of the Doors. She told me that it was extremely difficult to play with the doors and it was more like a double bill of Bambi and Deep Throat.

    It has now been a decade since she has been on a break who was earlier one of the most highly paid rock and roll music genre singers. However, due to her condition, her music career ended up, and she performed in her last concert in 2013. She was well received by the fans and had earned 10 Grammy awards.


    A new documentary Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, which is directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman talks about her music career and its various Chronicles. It would be opening on September 06, and she also spoke with The New Yorker twice on phone, and the conversation they had was a contrast to what she has been doing in the recent years so far.

    She said that she started sensing something odd with her voice since 2000, but no one would pay attention to it. She felt that like a cramp, and her voice would freeze momentarily, which was a very disorienting thing for her. She carried on playing until the year 2013 when the disease took away her voice from her.


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