Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account is ‘now secure’ after an apparent hack


    Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked recently. This was done was by a group of hackers that call them ‘Chuckle Squad’. After his account hack, the hackers tweeted several unsocial tweets from his account. They tweeted racial slurs from his account. Tweets against Jews were seen tweeted from his account.

    The tweets didn’t stay for a long time. These tweets were deleted as soon as the hack was detected. Later on, a post was tweeted by twitter confirming that the account was safely recovered. Twitter confirmed that there were no causalities in their system. Later on, twitter blamed Dorsey’s cell carrier for providing the cell phone number to the hackers.

    The hackers’ group used his number to tweet through text messages. The tweets were from Cloudhopper. Twitter has previously acquired this company to help with its SMS services. Cloudhopper follows certain keywords. The hacker’s group ‘Chuckle Squad’ was previously found hacking YouTube celebrities twitter account. They hacked accounts of You Tubers like James Charles, Shane Dawson and comedy King Bach.


    These hackers have also accessed to Gmail account of several stars. Those people who were affected by this group said that they observe their sim-card swap by AT&T employees. Later on, a representative of AT&T told that they are working on securing people’s accounts. They also discussed ways to secure accounts. This hacker’s squad also created a discord server and asked people to join it.

    However later on the server was deleted. Encouragement of hacking for illegal purposes is considered a crime. Dorsey’s account was previously hacked in 2016. After this hack, Dorsey’s account has been made more secure. Last time his account was hacked by Our mine. This hack was done to make twitter realize about their security


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