Understanding the Differences Between Fake Online Casino Games and Legit Games

    Differences Between Fake Online Casino Games and Legit Games

    Nobody desires to play fake online casino games because they do not offer any benefit to players, instead, they come with myriads of demerits. The outcomes of such games are not always real because they are manipulated.  Apart from that, they might even come with attractive offers, but with unfavorable conditions to players. Differentiating between legitimate casino games and fake online casino games one can be quite challenging because they look alike.  As a result, many gamers have found themselves playing illegal casino games at one point or the other. 

    One smart way to know if an online casino game is legitimate or fake online casino games is to check the gambling site’s license. Licensed online casinos find it almost impossible to feature fake games on their website because all their games undergo auditing from time to time.  

    An unregulated gambling site is operating illegally; such an online casino is likely to feature phoney games. 

    How to identify a fake online casino games?

    If you can tell the difference between a fake and legal gambling site, you won’t fall victim to illegal casino not on gamstop games.  Here are some of the ways to spot a fake online casino games site: 

    • Fake Casinos do not hold a legal license.

    Before you register on a Online Cricket Betting ID site, you should check if it holds a legal license.  All online casino needs a license to operate: therefore, a gambling site without a license is considered illegal, and such sites are more prone to offering fake online casino games.   

    Some of the respected casino regulators around the globe include European jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar, and Alderney.  Another respected licensing body is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.  It is worth mentioning that holding a reputable license is not the only criterion to guarantee the authenticity of an online casino; you should always endeavor to look further.  

    • Fake Casinos do not have effective and reliable contact points.

    Fake games give little or no information about their owners.  They try as much as possible to hide their owners’ identities.  Apart from that, they run poor customer care services.  These gambling sites do not provide reliable means of communication. Unlike the legal casinos that provide emails, phone number, address, and online chat on their website, these gambling site offers web forms alone.  

    You should endeavor to dig a little deeper into any website that offers only a simple “contact us” form on their website.

    • Fake Casinos lacks a testing certificate.

    It is a common practice for legitimate casinos to test their games’ fairness.  These online casinos engage the services of auditing companies to run the games as many times as possible. The details collected from the test will be used to determine if the games are random, and the published Return to Player (RTP percentages) are correct.

    Some of the companies offering these services include iGaming Lab, eCogra, and Technical System Testing. 

    Online casinos that have audited their games successfully usually include a badge on their website. These badges contain links to the certificate. You must check with the company as some certificates could be fake.  

    Difference Between Fake Online Casino Games and Legit Games 

    Here are some of the differences between a legal casino game and a fake one: 

    • As mentioned above, legit casino games will come from legal operators, running their business with the required licenses. Legit casino games are random, and their RTP percentages are accurate.  
    • The servers of legit online casino games correspond with that of their developers, while that of fake online casino games will not match. You can check if a game is legit or not by checking if the managing server of the game is the same as that of the developers.


    To avoid a fake online casino games, always ensure that you bet on a licensed casino. Apart from that, you should pay attention to the testing certificate of the website.  

    Also, the server information of a legit online casino game will not be conflicting with that of its software provider.


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