Robert Downey Jr. may be seen event involving NASA and the Rolling Stones


    The iron man rolls on Mars. Amazed, Right? 

    Yes, this is quite true, and it is all over the news. 

    The Iron Man or fondly known as Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr,  the man who is famous for his character, name and role in the Marvel Cinematic Universal Movies, recently on his twitter account lead his fans to a riddle, involving him, mars and a rolling stone. 

    He stated that his sun sign is Aries (Birthday on 4th April) and thus Mars is his ruling planet. Additionally, he also added, that Mars also had a rolling stone(Rolling Stone is the name of his band). 

    The Announcement

    Later, before the commencement of his concert at the Rose Bowl Stadium, he revealed the secret. 

    NASA on its mission to the Red Planet with the Insight Lander has named a stone on Mars, “Rolling Stone Rocks” after the name of Robert Downey’s band, “The Rolling Stone” 

    The historic displacement on Mars 

    NASA revealed that, on their InSight lander mission to the Red Planet, when the Lander surpassed Mars’s atmosphere and successfully landed on the surface on 26th November 2018, a stone rolled to a considerable distance. 

    As a lander lands on the surface, there are various phenomena happening around, with pressure and thrust. The thrusters of the lander caused a Martian Rock to roll a distance, a distance covered like never before, by a rock on the planet surface. It rolled to approximately 3 feet.

    The rock was a little larger in size than a golf ball. According to NASA, it was 5.5 centimetres (2.2 inches) in diameter and 2.4 centimetres (1 inch) in height. 

    NASA named this tolling Martian Rock, The Rolling Stone Rock, after the band name, The Rolling Stones. 

    The Stone Rolling on Mars’s surface is one of the greatest things observed on Mars by NASA so far. Images were taken, the analysis was made and it was news. Any kind of displacement had not yet been observed on Mars so far. This was the first time ever.

    The Rolling Stone Band members were supremely elated at such an honour. Their popularity has been a world hit until now, and now it was an interplanetary hit. Big achievement. Members of the band, namely, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood showed their extreme gratitude towards NASA, for such exceptional honour. 

    This announcement came in just before they were to embark upon their tour concert,” Stones No Filter”. This was the best start they could get prior to the commencement of their stage show. 

    The official naming authority of places and objects in the planetary system lies with International Astronomical Union. The Rolling Stone is an unofficial name given to the rock by the scientists at NASA. If will make their references easier and despite the name being unofficial so far, it will appear in the official documents and charts in NASA. 


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