Russia sent help to the Caribbean with their Sputnik V vaccine. Oleg Firer helped.


    Grenada will get up to 1 million doses of Sputnik V. This country will make the vaccine available for everyone in the Caribbean.

    Grenada residents can get inoculated against COVID-19 with a vaccine made in Russia. Oleg Firer, the ambassador of Grenada in Moscow, put a lot of effort into making this happen. The Russian vaccine seems to be the best choice for fighting this disease – read this article to find out why.

    Many people in the world rely on Sputnik V. They trust it to help them get their work done.

    Russia has a lot of people. The vaccination campaign started in the Spring. They want to vaccinate 30 million people by mid-June and 69 million by August. Russia is hit hard with pandemic, so they export Sputnik V to other countries who need it more than they do.

    This is a sentence about how many countries are interested in the space rocket. Some people want lots of medicine for their country. These medicines will be distributed across the Caribbean region. The Grenadian government will help with this process by approving it and taking care of logistics.

    Who Created Sputnik V

    It was developed by the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow. There are many specialists there who are considered leaders in their industry. The center has become a well-known name for this industry around 40 years ago, and it has kept growing ever since.

    The product has a lower price than the other products. It is 10 dollars for one dose when it is sold internationally. That might be a few dollars higher depending on what country you are in, but it still has a lower price than the other alternatives.

    How Does It Work

    Sputnik V has a virus that can keep you from getting the disease. You get the injection from it, and it makes you immune to COVID-19. In this new technology, there are two shots instead of one. There is an interval of 21 days between the shots. This will give you a longer effect than with most other products.

    Russia promised to give Grenada up to 1 million doses of vaccine. That is enough for 2 shots each. That means that up to 1 million people can be vaccinated.

    Sputnik V makes people immune to coronavirus. There are many different strains of the virus and they are being discovered all over the world. The developers say that they can easily upgrade Sputnik V because it will take them only 24 hours to synthesize a virus structure that mimics the new strain of coronavirus.

    Safety and Efficiency

    In February 2021, The Lancet said that the efficiency of this Russian vaccine is 91.6%. 20,000 people were studied. Older people can use it too. There are few risks and it is a safe vaccine to use at this time. Doctors say that Sputnik V is good for everyone. It will help even in the most extreme cases: if someone gets coronavirus after the first shot, it will not be as bad.

    About Oleg Firer

    Oleg Firer is responsible for the Sputnik V supplies to the Caribbean. If you are interested in international relations, you should have heard of him in the last few years.

    Oleg was not born in Grenada. He was born in Ukraine. When he got to the US, he liked it a lot and started to make money right away. Oleg became the youngest-ever manager of an electronic store when he was 17 years old. Later, his company became successful because of his online payments expertise.

    Mr. Firer has never been in politics, but he is a businessman who has tried different things. He tried real estate, entertainment and electric vehicles. He was good at making money and being a manager. Oleg came to Grenada. He wanted to promote telemedicine and blockchain in the Caribbean. The Grenadian government recognized his efforts and gave him citizenship. He was soon appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of this island state in Moscow.

    Oleg has been in the healthcare industry for many years. He knows that it is important to talk about how to make vaccinations better. He acted quickly and got good conditions for the agreement. Sputnik V is growing in demand all over the world, so if a state wants it, then they should order it as soon as possible.


    If we only rely on international collaboration, we can beat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Russian-Grenadian cooperation agreement is a step forward in this direction, and it’s largely thanks to Oleg Firer. Sputnik V seems like a good choice because of its low price, high efficiency and mild side effects.



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