Things You Failed To Spot In 13 Reasons Why Season 3’s First Trailer


    After over a year of the interval, 13 Reasons Why is officially back with season three. Netflix has released the trailer for the penultimate season of the hit series and it starts off with a twist that is shocking and can potentially turn over the storyline. One thing that is clear is the fact that Bryce Walker is dead, but here the question arises: “Who killed Bryce Walker?”
    Yet, there is much more to the apparently clear trailer which many of must have failed to notice due to the lack of an eye for detail. Here are 5 hints listed for the fans out there:

    1. Intimacy between Zach and Chloe:
      Within the trailer, we find that Zach and Chloe holding hands while sitting on the steps of Liberty Excessive. As soon as the camera pans towards them, they quickly reassemble themselves. No one had ever imaged that Zach and Chloe would come together though nothing seems impossible after the death of Bryce Walker. There arise a lot of questions the season must answer to regarding Chloe being pregnant and the intimacy between Chloe and Zach.

    Alex is going robust this season:
    after two seasons of silence and not so vigorous portrayal, Alex is finally going rough and edgy this season. Alex has unfinished business with Montgomery and it is probable that he might be finishing the unfinished stuff this season.


    1. A new narrator:
      A new narrator is on board to narrate the story. Ani, the new character definitely has a promising half to play in the story as she has been seen dismissing blood stains from a white shirt.
    2. Clay is hiding something:
      In spite of entering last into the scene, Clay’s entry is by the best and most promising.

    We find Clay standing in the rain, with a hard and offended look. Simply when Mrs Walker who is Bryce’s mom begs to learn about her son’s demise, Clay thinks for a second and divulges some info and the trailer ends.


    • Who Killed Bryce Walker?


    The potential suspects behind the death of Bryce Walker are Clay and Zach. While Clay’s motive revolves utterly round Hannah, Zach, on the other hand, has a brand new motive named Chloe to kill Bryce Walker. Besides Clay and Zach, Tyler Down and Jessica are two names which could ultimately pop up within the collection.


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