Use Your Tablet Safely With Lamicall


    Tablets shot into prominence when Microsoft launch it back in 2000. The device was poised to become a big consumer gadget in the future, and it has proven to be rightly so. Apple and Samsung, the two tech giants, came forward with their own improved designs later in the first decade of the 21st century, and together the three have been rocking the market for tablets.

    As the tablets gained more and more popular among masses, their presence in everyday lives became ubiquitous. You would find people using it in the buses and parks, surfing YouTube and internet for fun; or in their homes laying back on comfortable sofas or beds, watching movies and TV series; and in their offices to monitor and stay tuned to important applications.

    The rise of tablets was accompanied by the growing consumer market of its accessories. The foremost accessory that doesn’t come with the product, cannot be other than a sturdy stand. You cannot watch movies or lengthy TV series or can spend long hours playing games, holding your tablet all day. At some point, you get tired of holding your tablet and need something to do the job for you. Plus, it is always fraught with the danger of tablet slipping out of your hands and breaking its screen on the floor.

    A first-rate tablet stand offers safety, comfort, and maneuverability. It will hold your tablet at all times so you won’t have to keep it at places where there are ample chances of getting damaged or falling off. As far as comfort is concerned, you will realize that while driving on a long-distance trip, or when you will be watching a movie and TV series.

    The top-notch tablet stand is adjustable so you can really have great options for maneuverability. You don’t have to keep your neck in one position while watching media or playing games on your tablet. Also, you can take pictures, or make Vlogs, at positions and viewing angles of your choice.

    The aforementioned features must always be considered while buying a stand for your tablet. Compatibility is always a factor to be considered, but as most of the stand are universal (they are fit for all tablet sizes), there is no need to be extra cautious in this matter.

    Ergonomic design, on the other hand, is a necessity and cannot be overlooked. The stand must enhance comfort and efficiency in the working environment. It must be light-weight and durable to not add to the troubles of the consumers.

    Last but not least, a stand must not cost the buyer a fortune.

    Types of Tablet Stands:

    Now as we have thoroughly defined the need for a tablet stand, and the features a good stand must offer, let us have a look into different types in which they come in.

    Classic stand: The classic Tablet stands are the least expensive one, as they have only one function to offer—safety. These stands allow for a secure place where you can keep your tablet when you are not using it. If keeping your head at a fixed position isn’t much of an issue with you, even though it should be, you are surely going to like this one. Lightweight materials are usually preferred to make these stands, and special attention is put to make them sturdy and durable.

    Adjustable Stand: Adjustable tablet stands are a little improved version of Classic Stand. They allow an added functionality of adjustment. Also, they are more ergonomic in design: lighter in weight and higher in strength too. The one place for which they are an ideal fit is the office workspace. There they help you keep track of important data and stay tuned to various applications, without moving an inch.

    Multifunctional stand:Multifunctional Stands also cater for safety, comfort, but their most distinguishing feature is the connectively. You can use it as a charging port, or an audio jack for your tablet. You can, also, transfer data using these stands. Multifunctional stands are also highly adjustable and by far the most preferred version of the stand.

    Versatile stand: Versatile stand can be hooked on the walls, be clamped on the table, and be hooked to the backseat of a car. They provide for unprecedented maneuverability, as they nearly allow you all possible positions, at all places, where you want to keep your tablet at. They are at the expensive end of the price spectrum.


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