Why are Python and Selenium so popular?

    Python and Selenium

    Selenium is a robust set of tools that help you quickly build test automation for web applications. It has a bunch of functions designed to meet the needs of testing a web application. These functions are very good at giving you a lot of options for where to put UI elements and comparing the expected results with the actual application behaviour. Test automation: It makes use of a lot of different scripting languages to do this

    Python is a high-level and object-based scripting language that is easy for people to use. Simple words in simple English are used to make them easy to understand. As a result, it doesn’t have as many problems with syntax as other languages for programming.

    To answer the question of why Selenium is used together with Python, let’s look at it now. The following are some of the reasons for why most people prefer python selenium:

    • Easy to write and read.
    • It dashes while making a comparison of another piece of computer code.
    • Offers a lively typing style.
    • A lot of programmers are used to working with Python as a language.
    • Python has an API that helps you connect to the browser through Selenium, so you can see what it looks like. Python and Selenium work together to make it easy to write functional tests that smartly use Selenium WebDriver. In addition, the binding also has a straightforward way to get in touch with Selenium WebDrivers like Firefox, Remote, and so on.
    • The python language is less verbose and easy to use than another programming language. You can connect to a browser through Selenium because Python has an API that lets you do that. Selenium can send standard commands from python to any browser, no matter how different the design of the browser is.
    • When you write code in Python, there is no need to run a compiler to turn lines of code into something that can be used and implemented.
    • Python is swift, and it uses indentation to start and end blocks of code. However, if you compare it with other programming languages, it is elementary and small.
    • Python is made by a lot of people, so it has a lot of support for people who use it. For example, people who use Selenium with python to do automated testing are welcome wagons for people who have never used the language before.
    • The programming language is also free and can be used for free. It is also open source. Anyone who needs it can download it and use it for free in any environment. There are a lot of free software fans in the culture, as well as in the communities that live around the language itself.
    • Another big reason to use Selenium with Python is that there are a lot of tools you can use to make it even better. For example, webDriver, the most essential tool for creating user interfaces easy, has strong Python bindings that make it easy for people to use it.

    This is why Selenium mainly uses Python as the scripting language now, even though there are a lot of other languages that have the same features as Python.


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