Chad Wheeler Wife / Ex-Girlfriend Alleah Taylor About the Domestic Abuse

Chad Wheeler Wife
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To begin with, the world has always acknowledged sportsmen and sportswomen as the most gentlemen and women in the world. However, in 2021, the domestic assault story of Chad Wheeler Wife / Ex-Girlfriend Alleah Taylor turned the perspective of millions of football fans toward her experience.

The horrendous, physically damaging moves that Chad Wheeler put on his wife were not sufficient, according to Alleah Taylor. In her interview, she told Chad Wheeler, after beating her to no end, asked her, “wow, you are still alive.” 

Chad Wheeler Wife
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This is definitely challenging for the world to believe that such a great mind and player, Chad Wheeler, can put such horrendous beating into the course of action. Today, we brought to you a complete guide on Chad Wheeler and Chad Wheeler Wife/Ex-Girlfriend, Alleah Taylor. 

Before we go ahead, here’s what you need to know — 

Chad Wheeler was one of the mainstream parts of the Seahawks, an American Football team in the National Football League. As a team player, he played the role of “offensive tackle” in the game. In 2021, Chad Wheeler’s real face as a domestic assaulter came out. Later that year, he got arrested. Now, he is out of jail on a 400K USD bond. But, wait! There’s more. Let’s take a glance: 

Who is Chad Wheeler Wife, Alleah Taylor? 

As aforementioned, Chad Wheeler was quite an elite American Offensive Tackle player in Seahawk, NFL in 2019 – 2020. However, that was it for Chad. In 2021 or in late 2020, Chad Wheeler Wife or ex-girlfriend, Alleah Taylor, took one step forward and shared her pictures on social media. In the provided pictures, she is beaten and has a bloody face as well as a broken nose. 

To begin with, Alleah Taylor is a prominent American Model and organizational manager (company: unknown) by profession. She is also well-known on several social media platforms as an influencing professional, especially on Instagram and TikTok. Apart from her famous ex-boyfriend Chad Wheeler, she has followers of her own in the hundreds of thousands. 

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Born in 1999 (date and month unknown), Alleah Taylor has turned 23 years old in 2022. In the past many years, she has been in the spotlight for being the girlfriend of the NFL’s offensive lineman. Inside details also reveal that Chad Wheeler Wife (alleged) originally comes from Seattle, Washington. To the reader’s surprise, in 2019, she was also a runner-up in the Miss Washington contest. 

What does Alleah Taylor do for a living? 

For the most part, Alleah Taylor, the ex-girlfriend of Chad Wheeler, obtained thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other related platforms. However, Alleah’s successful reach on Instagram soon became her source of income. That’s right! According to Chad Wheeler Wife’s professional details, she indulges in promoting and advertising several products and companies on her Instagram profile. 

What did Chad Wheeler do to his wife, Alleah Taylor? 

Chad Wheeler’s both fans and critics, we would like to inform you that Chad Wheeler is not married. Alleah Taylor, Chad Wheeler’s ex-girlfriend, filed for domestic assault against him. Born on 19th January 1994, currently 28 years old, Chad Wheeler is not working anywhere. According to our consideration after his verdict in the domestic assault trial, no NFL team accepted him. He is a convict. 

Chad Wheeler Wife
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In January 2021, Alleah Taylor was in her apartment when Chad Wheeler attacked her and beat her to death, almost. While telling her story of domestic assault, Alleah Taylor looked quite upset. However, she had only one question in mind: “WHY?”

According to Chad Wheeler’s ex-girlfriend Alleah, she has no idea why Chad hit her so brutally after entering her apartment? After being beaten to near death at the hands of Chad, Alleah called for a 911 emergency. 

Upon the arrival of officers, she was in great shock and unresponsive physically. Later, Alleah told the interviewer that one of the officers asked her if Chad wanted to beat her to death. In response, Alleah replied to the officers, “I thought I already died.” They call it the “manic episode.”

The story behind the Assault by Chad Wheeler on his Wife/Girlfriend — Check all details 

Alleah Taylor, the long-time girlfriend of Chad Wheeler, a Seahawks Lineman in the NFL, told the media that before the assault, Chad was acting quite strange in the morning. If you watch NFL matches often, you would know that Chad Wheeler had quite long hair for a guy. Alleah confirmed that in the morning, Chad cut his hair short. 

Later the same night, he entered Taylor’s apartment, seemingly annoyed and dominative. In a harsh voice, he asked Alleah, his girlfriend, to bow down to him. Alleah knew something was wrong, and she kept backing up. However, Chad did not stop. He kept her to bow down. 

Before she could respond to him, Chad grasped her neck very tightly with his hands, trying to strangle her. According to Alleah, she blacked out in a few minutes. He was on top of her, stopping her from breathing by covering her mouth and nose. 

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In Alleah’s words, she was terrified. It appeared that he was determined to kill her. After a few minutes, Miss. Taylor came back to her consciousness. To this, Chad said, “Wow, you are still alive.” Later, he moved to the kitchen, eating the food she cooked. 

In the meantime, Alleah called 911. When the 911 emergency officers arrived at the scene, Chad had beaten Alleah. According to the medical reports shown to Taylor later, she had a dislocated elbow, humerus bone had broken, and had a concussion as well. Apart from this, she had also lost a lot of blood. She had a big cut on her neck. 

Why did Chad Wheeler attack his girlfriend, Taylor? 

For the most part, the horrendous story of Chad Wheeler beating her girlfriend to death almost is no muse. After Chad’s arrest at night by the officers, he remained in custody. He also released a press conference and publicly apologized. He called it the “manic episode.” 

Taylor Alleah told the media that Chad Wheeler is suffering from bipolar disorder. However, she had no notion of his intentions to kill her in cold blood. According to Alleah’s testimony, she does not believe that the domestic assault on her was a result of bipolar disorder or manic episodes, for that matter.

Alleah explained that as soon as Chad heard 911 emergency officers arriving in the apartment, his behavior and personality changed entirely. He tried to fix her injuries, apologized to her immediately, and checked on her. To her, this does not seem like a manic episode. 

Chad Wheeler’s Manic Episode continued in Court

Readers will be surprised to know that Chad Wheeler’s manic episode did not end instantly. According to the inside details, Chad Wheeler Wife and he himself were planning a trip to Hawaii before the assault took place. 

After being so brutally beaten by her boyfriend’s hands, for Alleah, going on a trip with this person was out of the question. However, during case proceedings, Chad Wheeler shocked the Court by asking the judge’s permission. He asked if he could go on a Hawaii trip with his girlfriend, Taylor. This shocked everyone. 

It was at that moment, that Alleah realized, she didn’t love Chad or forgive him for what he did!

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The Court charged Chad with first-degree domestic assault. According to US law, a first-degree domestic violence act does not come under punishments other than jail time. It is a minimum 1-year Jail Time. However, in several cases where the victim or victims have suffered lifelong consequences such as physical and mental disability, in this case, jail time can be lifelong. 

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information provided in this reading is grasped from sustainable and trustable sources, readings of Chad Wheeler court proceedings, and more. 

Where is Chad Wheeler’s girlfriend now? 

Alleah Taylor is now single and living a life as a survivor. In the beginning, Miss. Taylor suffered to cope with the results of domestic assault. However, today, she has a GoFundMe account created by her friend Camille. In 12 months, the gofundme account has grasped over $4K. In comparison, the goal of the account is 20K. 

Thankfully, Alleah Taylor is back to her feet. Since the assault, she has appeared in multiple guest shows on American TV, telling her story to the world. She lives in Florida. 

Where is Chad Wheeler now? 

After Chad Wheeler’s arrest in 2021 and bail on bond for 400K a few months after the assault, he disappeared. He has declined to appear on any guest shows, one-on-one talk shows, or interviews with the media. His social media account is also inactive. The only Chad fans can see now in Seahawks NFL matches in 2019 and 2020. 

PS —

On our website, we do not promote any type of violence. In the event that you are in touch or know a person (male, female, or another gender) suffering from domestic abuse, harassment, sexual abuse, or any type of human rights violation, please contact the 911 emergency number and inform. Make this world a better place. 


Q. Who Is Chad Wheeler?
A. Chad Wheeler is an American football offensive tackle.

Q. How old is Chad Wheeler?
A. He is 29 years old.

Q. When was Chad Wheeler born?
A. Chad Wheeler was born on 19 January 1994.

Q: How tall is Chad Wheeler?
A: He is about 6 feet 7 inches.

Q. How much is Chad Wheeler’s Net Worth?
A. Chad Wheeler has a net worth of 5 million dollars.


In conclusion, we would only request you to learn to respect others. If you are suffering from any genre of mental disorder, please stay in contact with your doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist. Henceforth, your loved ones remain safe in their home. No manic episode excuses what Chad Wheeler put Alleah Taylor through. For more information, drop love emoji in the comment section. Thank you for having this journey with us. 

Chad Wheeler Wife BIOGRAPHY

Full Name Alleah Taylor 
Instagram Handle @alleahtaylor1
Popularly known as  Chad Wheeler’s Ex-Girlfriend, Domestic violence survivor
Age 23 Years Old
Weight 160 Pounds
Body Figure 36 – 28 – 36
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Birthday 1999 (date unknown)
Birthplace Seattle, Washington
Profession Model, TV Show Host, and Organizational manager 
Net Worth $1 – $5 Million 
Lives in  Florida
Parents NA
Relationship Status Single
Famous for Domestic Abuse case against Chad Wheeler (Predator)
Marital Status Never Married



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