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Bunnie XO Jelly Roll Wife
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Jason DeFord or popularly known by his stage name “Jelly Roll,” is now a 35 years old American Rapper. Jelly Roll majorly came into the spotlight when Waffle House (a large American Franchise) sued him for using Waffle House’s corporate trademark in his rap song “Whiskey, Weed, and Waffle House.” It all happened in 2013. In 2022, 9 years later, he is once again in the talks. This time, Jelly Roll Wife, i.e., Bonnie XO (stage name), is trending among Jelly Roll’s fans all over the world due to her latest youtube video describing her plastic surgery experience.

Jelly roll wife
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Are you also wondering on the web to know more about Jelly Roll Wife? If yes, then you have commenced to the right place. Today, we present to you — Everything you need to know about Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll’s Wife, since 2020.

Before we go ahead, here’s a bonus fact: did you know? Jelly Roll’s Wife— Bunnie DeFord, has huge tattoos on her arm, thighs, and hands. She is also a popular exotic model on Instagram.

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Full Name Bunnie DeFord
Nickname BunnieXO 
Instagram Handle @xomgitsbunnie
YouTube channel
Twitter Handle @omgitsbunnie
OnlyFans Handle Not Available
Birthday 21st January 1995
Birthplace Las Vegas, USA
Age 27 years old
Currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Weight 68 Kilograms/149 lbs
Body measurement 36 – 29 – 38 inches
Special Features Green Eyes, Blonde Hair, and Tattooed body
Educational background High-School DropOut
Profession Podcaster (The Dumb Blonde Show), Social Media Personality, Instagram Model, and OnlyFans Acc holder.
Net Worth $2 Million approximately
Husband Jelly Roll (American Rapper). Jason DeFord
Kids Baille Deford and Noah DeFord
Total subscribers 123K on YouTube
Total Followers  781K on Instagram

Who is Jelly Roll Wife?

Popular Instagram exotic model, social media influencer, YouTuber, and podcaster Bunnie DeFord married Jelly Roll, American Rapper, on 17th October 2020. She originally comes from Nashville in the United States. Born on January 21st, 1995, 27 years old, Bunnie XO’s name is on the lips of over 781K fans on Instagram.

To begin with, Jelly Roll Wife, Bunnie XO, or Bunnie DeFord, kick-started her career by creating a YouTube channel. She runs a quite popular show called “Dumb Blonde Podcast” on her channel that has gotten over 100, 000K views in total.

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Her YouTube playlist includes distinct youtube shows such as WhoreLympics, Popaganda, Meet the Defords, and other mesmerizing fun videos.

According to the inside details of the Dumb Blonde Podcast, Bunnie XO interviews various popular TikTok stars and sensational/controversial people on social media, putting their life stories and situation forward to fans. Without a doubt, Bunnie XO’s podcast and interviews are enjoyable. But, let’s talk more about the shows later!

To the reader’s surprise, Bunnie DeFord is quite more popular than her husband, American Rapper – Jelly Roll himself. She is present in several music videos as an exotic model, such as Viking Barbie — Bury Yourself and Shimmi Down My Chimney. Currently, Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie XO has 123K subscribers on her YouTube channel. If you also want to subscribe to her channel, you can search “Bunnie DeFord” on the mentioned platform.

How old is Jelly Roll Wife, Bunnie XO?

Born on 4th December 1986, Jelly Roll himself is 35 years old currently. On the other hand, his wife, Bunnie XO, is a 90s kid. She is only 27 years old. The couple embraces 8 years of the age difference. And it looks like they love each other immensely. Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie XO is 27 years old. Her birthday falls on 21st January. She is a Tennessean. Her nationality is American.

How tall is Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie XO?

Bunnie xo is an Instagram and YouTube sensation. Her exotic body and lifestyle create a craving for improvement for thousands of fans out there. If you are also wondering, is Jelly Roll’s Wife tall? Well! The answer is yes. Surprisingly enough, Bunnie Deford’s actual height is 5’9″. In centimeters, her height is 175. In addition tall height, she has exotic blonde hair, a tattooed body, and an outstanding figure.

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On the contrary, her husband, Jelly Roll or Jason DeFord’s height is only 5’7″. The couple together are breaking so many stereotypes via their goals and togetherness.

How much does Bunnie DeFord weigh?

Tall and blonde — Bunnie DeFord appears quite fit on the screen. Do you know? Bunnie DeFord only weighs 68 kilograms in real life. In pounds, her weight only stands at 149 lbs. Her body figure is very much maintained and exotic, measuring 36 – 29 – 38 inches. Apart from this, Bunnie DeFord, YouTuber and Model’s other miraculous beautifying features are her green eyes, long blonde hair, full lips, and exotic tattoos on her body.

On the contrary, Bunnie DeFord’s husband, known by his stage name Jelly Roll weighs up to 450 lbs. It is 3X the weight of his wife. To the reader’s surprise, Jason DeFord has taken inspiration from his wife, it seems. Within 9 years, he has lost 2X of his weight. Currently, he is only 171 lbs.

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Do you know? In 2013, Waffle House sued Jelly Roll for using their corporate trademark. Inside details disclosed that Jason DeFord loved Waffle House so much that he has visited hundreds of their franchises all over America. Not only this, but during an interview, Jason DeFord also said that “I am 450 pounds, I should have sued Waffle House.”

What does Jelly Roll Wife do for a living?

As mentioned before, Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie xo is a multi-talented & independent woman. She is an inspiration to thousands of her followers on social media. According to the research, Jelly Roll Wife is a professional YouTuber. She runs a very popular podcast called “The Dumb Blonde,” where she interviews various people and promotes their life stories and struggles.

Apart from youtube, she is also an Instagram model. She has appeared in music videos as well created by Jason DeFord and Viking Barbie.

A part of Bunnie XO’s career persuasion also goes to OnlyFans. That’s right! Bunnie XO runs an onlyfans account. According to an interview by Bunnie DeFord, she disclosed that she was never interested in or passionate about modeling. However, one day she came across the OnlyFans website. It is now her main source of earnings. In her words, she earns a fortune from this site.

Bunnie XO Jelly Roll Wife
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Multiple sources disclose that Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie XO always wanted to run her radio show. Now, she is a popular podcaster on YouTube. Her podcast channel on Instagram has 79k followers.

Did you know? Bunnie XO earned 81K Pounds during the first month she opened an OnlyFans profile. Check out more models on OnlyFans.

Who is Bunnie XO’s husband?

As mentioned in this reading several times, Bunnie DeFord’s husband’s name is Jason DeFord. He is an American Rapper popularly known by his stage name — Jelly Roll. His Rap albums are widely available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other related platforms.

According to the sources, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO met when he was struggling to make ends meet. Together, they improved each other and pursued their respective careers. They have been together since 2013, the year they met and started dating. After 7 years of relationship, in 2020, Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll married.

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During an interview, Jelly Roll disclosed that when he met Bunnie for the first time, she was a proper southern girl and had her own penthouse and two sports cars. They both met first at a show/concert.

Does Jelly Roll Wife have a child?

The answer is yes. Exotic Instagram model and YouTuber Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie XO is the mother of a beautiful baby girl — Baille DeFord, who was born early. Recently, the couple welcomed another child named Noah DeFord. You can view both children in Bunnie XO’s videos on YouTube in the playlist called “Meet the DeFords.”

What is Bunnie DeFord’s Net Worth?

In 2013, when Jelly Roll met his better half — Bunny XO, she was already successful. She had a penthouse and two sports cars. Now that Bunnie is a lot famous in 9 years, how much is her net worth? Let’s find out:

According to the latest estimation of YouTubers’ net worth, Bunnie XO’s net worth stands at approximately $2 Million. The couple, together with their children, take vacations to exotic locations such as Miami. A good portion of her income comes from the OnlyFans account. Also, she gets a good part of her income from her youtube podcast titled Dumb Blondes.

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The couple recently also bought a customized Red Mercedes Wagon that is approximately 150K worth. Further ahead, in March 2020, Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll also bought a new house for their mother. In 2018, they themselves also bought a new house in Nashville.

The worth of both the houses is unknown. Stay tuned to our website to know more about the couple’s house.

What is Jelly Roll’s Wife show about?

Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie XO’s famous show “The Dumb Blode” is usually about interviewing people and digging deep into their past struggles and shocking stories. From time to time, on this podcast, Bunnie DeFord also dives and engages with her fans by answering the most asked questions.

According to her answers to some specific questions, Bunnie XO spends a couple of grand on beautifying her face from time to time. She also confessed that when she lived in Las Vegas in 2013, she used to spend a lot of money on beautifying her outlook. However, in nine years, a lot has changed for her.

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In several confession videos, Bunnie XO also answers questions like “If she was an escort in LA?” Want to watch more Bunnie XO podcast videos? Get quick links on our website. Bookmark us today.


As of today, Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie XO has not been part of any controversy. Neither has Jelly Roll! However, two years ago, Bunnie DeFord got plastic surgery which increased curiosity among fans. According to the story behind the controversy, back in 2006, Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie XO had breast implants done. In 2019, the model shared a video on TikTok where she provided some sensitive images of her moldy implants. That’s right!

Jelly Roll Wife
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Further in the video, she shared the harmful impacts of breast implants and how they shouldn’t be an option for women to get a beautiful figure and big boobs. According to Bunnie XO, after she had her implants removed, she has been suffering from anxiety, knowing that mold was living inside her all this time.


In conclusion, this is everything disclosed in the media about Jelly Roll Wife — Bunnie XO. For more information on your favorite OnlyFans Models, Hollywood Actors and Actresses, Sportsmen, Entrepreneurs, and others, give us a thumbs up and tell us your favorite celebrity name. We will bring forward as much information as we can.


1. Who is Jelly Roll’s wife?
A. Jelly Roll’s wife is Bunnie XO. She is a social media influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur.

2. How did Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO meet?
A. Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO met at one of his shows in Las Vegas in 2015.

3. When did Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO get married?
A. Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO got married in 2016. They had a courthouse wedding after Jelly Roll proposed to her during a live concert in Las Vegas.

4. Do Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO have any children together?
A. No, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO do not have any children together. However, Jelly Roll has two children from a previous relationship.

5. What is Bunnie XO known for?
A. Bunnie XO is known for her podcast, “The Dumb Blonde.” She is also a successful social media influencer with over 200,000 followers on YouTube.

Thank you for reading with us.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information available in this article is picked from trustworthy sources and Bunnie XO’s YouTube channel.


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