Kane Lim: Are you a fan of the Bling Empire? Here’s everything you need to know about Mr. Lim

Kane Lim
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Who watches reality television on-air anymore? In 2022, the viewership of Netflix’s first-ever original reality show – Bling Empire, has crossed all the previous records. And, it proves that in the upcoming years, Netflix will definitely focus on expanding in this category. Bling Empire has become a vast sensation over the internet, thanks to its cast members – Kane Lim, Andrew Gray, Kim Lee, Christine, and others.

According to the plot of this reality television show, the bling empire follows the lifestyle of rich Asian personalities and socialites. It peaks into the events of their lives and brings them to the fans. 

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Kane Lim has become one of the favorite millionaires from Asia, settled in Los Angeles. At the age of 33 only, Kane Lim has obtained high-end repute as an American investor. But, what else do we know about Kane? Want to find out? Let’s get started: 

Who is Kane Lim? 

Born in 1989 in Singapore, Kane Lim, in 2021, first-ever appeared on television as one of the cast members of reality show – Bling Empire on Netflix. According to the Netflix series, Kane Lim is one of the youngest and richest Asian personalities with a hardcore career grasp in the real estate and investment industry. Despite being from his birthplace, Singapore, Kane Lim’s nationality is US citizen. 

Kane Lim
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Kane Lim is prominent on Netflix for his luxurious lifestyle and success as a big-time investor in the USA. Have you also been drooling over this handsome young man and just cannot stop binging his episodes on Blinge Empire? If yes, then you have commenced to the right place. In this reading, we will tell you facts about Kane Lim and inside details. Let’s take a glance: 

Kane Lim Education – Where did he graduate? 

Akin to Kane Lim, audiences often get obsessed with their favorite personalities/cast members on Netflix. However, Mr. Kane from Los Angeles is no actor. To the reader’s surprise, Bling Empire follows the real life of millionaire Mr. Lim, originally from Singapore. 

According to the inside details, Kane Lim indeed comes from a real estate background as he pursued ed from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. He finished his graduation (2013 – 15) while he was 24 years old. 

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To the reader’s surprise, Kane Lim is best friends with model and actor Kevin Krieder, who is also part of Bling Empire on Netflix. The series deeply explores the aspects of friendships, struggles, relationships, etc., among its cast members. 

How did Kane Lim become so rich? 

When it comes to counting down your favorite reality television stars, one question that often pop-up to mind is, “how did these stars become so rich?” And Kane Lim’s fans are no exception. Audience have been raising this question(?) for a prolonged timeline. Here’s your answer: 

Inside details show that Kane Lim grasped serious interest in the real estate industry at the age of 17 only. After a few months, Kane launched his firm (specifically for investment) called Kix Capital. In 2014, Kane also launched another brand/company called “The Fashion Fund” along with co-founder Leighton. 

Kane Lim
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What’s most surprising about Kane Lim’s journey of success is that he found it very early? At the age of 20 only, Mr. Lim had 1 Million USD net worth and counting. However, the audience finds it confusing if Kane Lim is a self-made millionaire. The reason being, in the very first episode of Bling Empire, Kevin, best friend of Lim, revealed that Kane Lim comes from a very wealthy southern Family. 

To the reader’s surprise, Lim’s family business already has a very high-end grasp on real-estate, oil import/export, and shipping. 

At the age of 17, Kane Lim took a little money from their family to kickstart his own shoe business of shoes. Later on, his investor instincts kicked in when he began investing in stocks. In just the timeline of three years, Kane became a millionaire on his own!

What is Kane Lim Net Worth? 

The luxurious lifestyle of Kane Lim on Netflix is surely mesmerizing. Not only this, but his Instagram profile puts his high-end interest in designer suits, travel to expensive locations, and staying in expensive accommodations quite clear. Feeling jealous yet? Well! You must be wondering, how much money exactly does Kane Lim have? To your surprise, celebrity net worth estimation has stated Kane Lim Net Worth 2022 at $20 Million. 

In the season of Bling Empire, Kane Lim depicted his secret to achieving calmness. In his words, shopping is the best therapy. It is no doubt that Lim has expensive choices. However, due to his high-end moral ethics and valuable gestures towards friends and family, the entire picture of Kane Lim puts forward a “down to earth” personality trait. 

Kane lim
Image credit: Pinterest, ‘Bling Empire’ Kane Lim Before Plastic Surgery is Making Rounds on Social Media

What’s more surprising about this millionaire is that he is very open about how he spends his money! He is crazy about shoes and jewelry, which you cannot say about all celebrities. Kane Lim is often evident when it comes to showcasing his expensive outfits, jewelry, and shoe collection online on his social media profile. 

Here’s a fun fact: do you know? Growing up, Kane Lim did not take advantage of the family’s wealth. Even though there were many private transport vehicles in the family, Kane’s father taught him to use public transportation to fit in the common world. Today, Kane Lim himself owns many cars. And what’s more surprising is that his personal shoes collection is solely worth over 3 million USD. 

Want to know more? Here are some lesser-known juicy facts you will love!

Feeling like I cannot wait for another season of Bling Empire? Well! For the most part, the lifestyle of wealthy, self-made, and dreamy Asian entrepreneurs make you think about your daily lifestyle, right? But, don’t worry! Akin to everyone, Kane Lim also has some glitzy habits that one may find difficult to ignore. Let’s take a glance at top facts about Kane Lim that you didn’t know before. 

#Fact 1: Kane once was an Army Man

You may not know this, but countries like Singapore, Korea, China, and Japan have a rule for all male members. The rule, each man must (mandatory) serve at least two years in the army in order to serve the country morally. 

As mentioned before, Kane Lim also originally comes from Singapore, and he also has served in the army for two years. Recently, on their Instagram profile, Lim showcased his identity card as an army professional in Singapore as well as a cargo outfit. To be honest, there is nothing sexy than seeing your favorite actor with such a morally strong past. 

#Fact 2: He moved to Los Angeles to avoid living with his parents

Even though Kane Lim accomplished a lot by the age of 20, however, he was still living with his family. In Asian countries like Singapore, India, China, Japan, etc., separating from your parents is not a thing, unlike in the USA. Thus, Mr. Lim K moved to Los Angeles in order to achieve independence from the comfort of family, family’s wealth and explore a new world full of challenges. 

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So far, it seems like it is going great for Kane!

#Fact 3: Is he gay? Does he have a girlfriend/boyfriend? 

The answer is “we are uncertain.” On Netflix’s bling empire, Kane’s interest in women has made it crystal clear that Kane Lim is not gay. However, scrolling through Kane’s entire social media profile, there is no picture or comment that may drop hints about his love life. On the show Bling Empire, Lim seems very close to Anna Shay. However, both of them seem to be best friends and nothing else. 

On Twitter as well, the audience has been dropping questions like “Kane is gay, right?” In comparison, some scenes from Bling Empire have raised questions about Kevin and Kane’s sexuality. For instance, in one episode, Kane and Kevin went to Yoga when the male yoga instructor undid his shirt. Kane and Kevin gave each other a slight look. 

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On the other hand, Mr. Lim has oftentimes talked about “breaking traditions,” “living life,” and “fear of disappointing parents,” which audience are assuming that Kane is either gay or bisexual. However, he has not come out yet. 

#Fact 4: Kane Lim family seem unsupportive of the show on Netflix

To begin with, there is no uncertainity that Kane rose to fame all over the USA, India, Singapore, and other countries, thanks to “Bling Empire” on Netflix.” The show is rated among the Top 10. However, it seems like Kane’s family is not happy or excited about the show, for that matter. 

On one occasion, Mr. Lim dropped his achievement of #top10insingapore on a family group chat. However, no one replied to congratulate or comment on his achievement. As a result, Kane ended up deleting his messages. Later on, one of his family members commented, “oh, what an achievement,” which clearly sounds sarcastic. 

To this, Kane commented that “I hope asian parents take this as a lesson and treat their kids for their achievements rightly.” it was definitely a heartwarming moment for Lim’s fans.

Kane Lim – Controversy! 

Controversies are so common these days, thanks to social media. Recently, Bling Empire’s fame – Kane Lim became the target for “hating on asians.” You must be wondering what actually happened? Well! Here’s the whole story: 

Kane lim
Image credit: Pinterest, ‘Bling Empire’ Kane Lim Before Plastic Surgery is Making Rounds on Social Media

Kane Lim, along with other friends, including Rembrandt Flores, were dining at Tadaima when conversation tapped in about the restaurant “Yamashiro” in Hollywood. To this, he commented, “disgusting.” According to the inside details, the video reached Yamashiro’s people. The entire story transformed into a controversy. 

To the reader’s surprise, the story also went onto a news channel via journalists. Later on, Lim expressed his denial about the whole incident being “hate on asians.” He said he only yelled the word based on his past dining experience. 


Who is Kane Lim?

Kane Lim is a socialite and online personality and the founder of investment firm Kix Capital. He is also a cast member of Netflix’s reality show Bling Empire.

How did Kane Lim become rich?

Kane Lim started investing at 17 with a loan from his father, who is the head of a billion-dollar company that deals with real estate, oil, and shipping. He paid back the loan in two months, and by 18-19, he made more than seven figures.

What is Kane Lim’s shoe collection worth?

Kane Lim has an impressive shoe collection, allegedly worth over $365,000. He owns rare and expensive sneakers, boots, and heels from Cartier, Piaget, and Louis Vuitton brands.

Is Kane Lim married or dating anyone?

Kane Lim is not married and has not publicly confirmed any romantic relationship. He is very private about his personal life and prefers to focus on his career and philanthropy.

What is Kane Lim’s religion?

Kane Lim is a practicing Buddhist who was introduced to the religion in 2018 by one of his friends. He credits Buddhism for helping him overcome depression and find meaning in life.


We hope that you have discovered all the exciting details about KL and his daily life. Now that Bling Empire is on pause until the next season, you can bookmark us to know about your favorite cast members on this reality television show. With us, you get instant juicy updates on your phone. Good luck!


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