Steven Rodriguez and Linda Cardellini are yet to tie knots: Who is he? Read Everything Here.

Steven Rodriguez
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First-ever appeared on television in a debut show named “Freaks and Geeks,” Linda Cardellini stole the hearts of many fans. From adding a pinch of Emmy Nomination to a career as an actress with Mad Men and next appearing as Velma in Scooby Dooby first-time non-animated movie, she has lived up to the reputation of brilliance in Hollywood. Who wouldn’t marry such a beautiful lady? Well, our first guess in the “yes and no column” is Steven Rodriguez, long-term boyfriend, and fiance of Linda Cardellini. 

Surprise! Surprise! Linda Cardellini, one of the most talented American Actresses already spoken for since 2009. However, there are many things fans are wondering about Steven Rodriguez, Linda’s fiance. So, today, we brought this brief reading on Linda and Steven Rodriguez, the famous Hollywood stars who are yet to finally tie knots after their 12 years of engagement. So, let’s get started: 

Who is Steven Rodriguez? 

To begin with, as mentioned before, Steven Rodriguez is 12 years the fiance of Linda Cardellini, an American actress from television and web series like BloodLine, New Girl, Dead To Me, and Hawkeye (latest). According to the inside sources, Linda kickstarted her career in Hollywood when she turned 19. However, she got a breakthrough to the big stage in 1996. From then and there, she maintained her reputation as an actress in kid’s shows of all genres. From Clueless to Boy Meets World, she gained a lot of attention from the viewers. 

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In comparison, Steven Rodrigeuz is also an American Actor. However, he backed out from Hollywood early in his career. Further ahead, choose to become a makeup artist. In the meantime, he also tried his hands-on filmmaking and directory, which also worked out well for him. 

To the reader’s surprise, Steven Rodriguez is also known for his roles on the big screen in the 1900s. From television series like Pacific Blues, Looking for Lola to Border Blues, he has given a pinch of entertainment with his mature looks. 

Linda Cardellini and Steven Rodriguez are childhood mates

Here is a big surprise for Linda Cardellini’s fans, fiance Steven Rodriguez is indeed close from childhood. During an interview, Linda confirmed that she knew Steven from her school in Redwood City, California, USA. At the time, Steven and his family were new to the city. 

Not only this, but Linda told the interviewee that Steven was her first crush and to be engaged to him later in life feels like a game of destiny. 

Unlike many odd and hopelessly in love Hollywood couples, Linda and Steven Rodriguez do not have any age gap. According to Linda’s interview, she was only 10 when she met 11-year-old Steven in school. Since then, they have been in touch. It is surprising how both have picked the path of Hollywood during different phases of their career. 

However, unlike Linda, Steven Rodriguez has always kept himself low-key among the Hollywood freaks. 

Linda and Steven Rodriguez have a daughter before marriage.

Some relationships in life are worth more than wedding locks. In the life of the Hollywood couple Linda and Steven Rodriguez also, the wedding has not yet happened. However, both have kids out of wedlock with each other. According to the inside details, Linda gave birth to a daughter in 2012. Before Linda’s pregnancy, in 2009, Steven Rodriguez proposed to her in a gathering of family members as well as friends. The couple named their daughter Lilah-Rose Rodriguez who is 9 years old now. 

Steven Rodriguez
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For the most part, you can view the couple’s luxurious lifestyle along with daughter Lilah on Steven Rodriguez Instagram Profile. 

To the reader’s surprise, Linda Cardellini, during a public interview, opened up about the times when she bore Lilah Rose during pregnancy. During that time, she obtained a lot of weight. After the delivery, she was due to kickstart shooting for Mad Men, one of the most famous hits in Linda’s career. 

Thus, Linda had a hard time losing all the weight as she had many sex scenes coming with Jon in the Mad Men series. 

What is Steven Rodriguez’s net worth? 

Although Steven Rodriguez, to be the husband of Linda Cardellini, has retired from Hollywood, he is still in the business of filmmaking. According to the inside resources, Steven’s 2021 estimated Net Worth is equivalent to 2 million USD, excluding what comes from the earnings of fiance Linda. 

To the reader’s surprise, Steven is not well-known worldwide, unlike their fiance Linda. He is also not available on social media. Thus, to check out some pictures from Steven’s daily life, you can check Linda Cardellini Instagram Profile. 

For the most part, unlike many Hollywood personalities, Steven Rodriguez has never been part of many controversies. 

What is Linda Cardellini Net Worth? 

Linda Cardellini, the yet-to-be wife of Steven Rodriguez, is a very well-known personality in Hollywood. She has also made multiple appearances on reality guest shows. Thanks to so much work she has done in the past, her current estimated net worth stands at 9 Million Dollars. 

Steven Rodriguez
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Alongside that, Linda and Steven Rodriguez are also owners of a mansion in Los Angeles that is worth over 4 million dollars. Apart from that, according to our research on Linda’s Instagram, she lives a simple life with Lilah and her fiance Steven. 


With that being said, Steven Rodriguez and Linda Cardellini are living a beautiful and luxurious life together in Los Angeles. When and where the couple is going to tie knots is still unknown? However, fans are wildly excited to see Steven with “always and forever” partnered with Linda Cardellini on the red carpet very soon. 

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