Yaron Varsano and his wife,G.G., had their third baby, Click for more facts

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Gal Gadot is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood with a series of box office hits like Wonderwoman Justice League. Having to play such a high-end inspirational role in movies, Gal Gadot tends to live a homely life with her husband, Yaron Varsano. He is a 46 years old Israeli businessman.

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For the most part, Yaron has earned quite a reputation among the top 100 businessmen in the world. Seems like Gal’s husband is pretty much competitive against Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the leading real estate tycoons in the U.S.A. To your surprise, Yaron is also a real estate agent and building contractor. According to Wikipedia, he sells excellent properties which are worth millions. 

So, what else do we not appraise of Yaron Varsano, Gal Gadot’s husband? Today, we count down to 10 fewer known facts about Yaron Varsano and Gal Gadot as a couple. This reading will also put their career highlights into the public’s spotlight, such as net worth. So, are you thrilled to know your favourite actresses from a micro point of view? If yes, let’s get started: 

Top 10 Facts about Yaron Varsano and Wife, Gal Gadot – one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood

#1: The couple found each other at the right time

When it comes to celebrities, their love life is always chaotic. From Angelina Jolie breaking up with Brad Pitt to Brad Pitt breaking marriage with Jennifer Aniston, there’s always a chain of heartbreaks. In 2021, many couples broke up. Especially Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. More often, it seems like it is difficult for celebrities to figure out who their soulmate is at the first-glance. This is why, when it comes to their personal life, a loop of relationships and marriages come into the spotlight.

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However, for Yaron Varsano and his Wife Gal Gadot, there was never a point of break up. That’s right! They exchanged vows in 2008, and after 13 years of marriage, the couple is happily married. Sometimes, I wonder if it often surprises Google to find out about a celebrity who hasn’t dated or married multiple people in the industry. 

#2: Met at a Party

In 2021, parties are prohibited, and people’s chances of finding their soulmates have reduced by 50%. That’s right! In Hollywood, there are so many parties, including celebrities, designers, models, and business people, that the lovebirds find each other quickly. Yaron said the same during a television interview. Yaron Varsano confessed that he and Gal Gadot met at a party set up by a mutual friend. There, they met each other and hit it off. The couple started dating.

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I wish it were so easy to find our soulmates out there! Next time, I won’t say no to a party, of course… 

#3: Yaron Varsano and Gal Gadot decided to get married too soon!

More often, people give you dating tips. They often say, do not share your on-point feelings until the 8th date. Never have sex before the 3rd date. But, for Yaron Varsano and Gal Gadot, these tips never matter. According to Yaron’s interview with a high-end magazine brand, he disclosed that he decided to marry Gal Gadot on the first date only. Not only this, but he also shared mutual feelings with Gal on the second date. That’s right! Ross from tv series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. may not have flirted correctly by the second date. But, Yaron’s confidence is plausible. 

#4: Gal is still in Hollywood because of Yaron

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What if, after marriage, Gal had left the industry? Would Wonderwoman still be this beautifully portrayed in the movies? According to the media, Gal Gadot gave birth to her first daughter in 2011, 3 years after marriage. After the birth of Alma, Gal didn’t want to reenter Hollywood. She wanted to have a close relationship with her kids. However, since, at the time, Gal had become one of the prominent faces in the industry, she had to pick one. But, thanks to Yaron Varsano, the super dad, who came to the rescue. 

According to Gal’s interview, Yaron took complete care of her first daughter Alma to focus on her career. And, that’s something all women want out of their husbands. Yaron set an example. 

#5: Tel Aviv’s Varsano Hotel is Yaron Varsano’s legacy

Sometimes when prominent people in business become invisible under the spotlight of their spouse’s Hollywood shine, it is crucial to pull them out. Do you know? Yaron Varsano is a billionaire. His career in building and real estate is at the utmost level of success. 

According to Tel Aviv’s Wikipedia profile, The Varsano hotel was built by Yaron Varsano’s company. Later on, Varsano and his brothers sold the hotel to Roman Abramovich, the 11th richest man in Russia. 

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Gal Gadot told one of the prime magazine hosts the Varsano Hotel was an idea that hit the couple during the shooting of Fast and Furious Four. The couple was on a constant travelling loop between Israel and the U.S.A. Hence, to make it less of a travelling experience, they built a hotel on the midway. 

To their surprise, the hotel’s rating on Google went up so high that Roman Abramovich bought the hotel for 26 million USD in 2015. Seems like the hotel made much more than what Fast & Furious made? 

#6: The Couple is part-time feminists

Have you ever wondered how spouses can change one’s perception of seeing things? After meeting Gal Gadot, Yaron Varsano began to promote the concept of feminism. The reason being, this Israeli businessman does not see his wife any less capable than himself. And, the couple firmly believes in the concept of equality. On Yaron Varsano Instagram page, you can find out or come across inspirational quotes concerning women’s power in the real world from time to time. 

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Hollywood is tricky. Sometimes, we find horrific news like Johnny Depp domestically violating wife, Amber Heard. Eminem and his wife breaking up. But, sometimes, we come across fantastic couple goals like Gal and her husband, who support each other, both offline and online!

#7: Yaron Varsano Net Worth 

Here’s a big surprise for you, Yaron Varsona net worth and Gal Gadot Net Worth are approximately equal. Yes! According to various trustable sources such as Forbes, Yaron Varsano net worth is $30 million. And Gal’s net worth is also $30 million. So in total, the couple is worth $60 million. Isn’t it thrilling for their three daughters? Do you know? Gal Gadot owns a $5 million worth house in Malibu. It is an oceanfront beach house containing two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Source: Jewish News – the times of Israel

According to Wikipedia, this beachouse was once owned by Bui Simon. Yes! You guessed right – Miss Universe 1988. But, here’s a fun fact! Do you know? Bui Simon bought this house for less than 1 million USD. Sounds like she ripped off Gal Gadot Net Worth by 5.6 million USD. 

Apart from this, Yaron Varsano is one of the high-end names in the real estate industry. In 2006, Yaron went viral on the web for selling properties worth $16 million. 

#8: He is also into the production line of movies

Do you know which businessmen are lucky? Those who get a chance to swirl their talent in Hollywood. And, one of those lucky Israeli businessmen is Yaron Varsano. According to Hollywood’s latest gossip, Yaron is trying his hands on producing a mini-series named Hedge Lamar Project. Furthermore, he is also working on making a War Love Affair movie called My Dearest Fidel. According to the 2018 gossip on Twitter, the film will include Gal Gadot as one of the protagonists. 

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Not only this, but recently previous to COVID-19, Yaron and Gal were on their way to Cube to shoot the movie. 

#9: Yaron Varsano’s fitness secret

We often do hardcore research to find out how celebrities remain so fit? From Rihanna and pop-star Cardi B to Hollywood Actresses like Amber Heard, they appear pretty sexy in photos. But, if you view Yaron Varsano’s Instagram, you will come across the fact that Varsano is a yoga freak. That’s right! Yoga is one of the most natural ways that allow people to be healthy and physically appealing. Without a doubt, Mrs Gal Gadot is also as attractive as she seems in Wonder Woman movies. So, what do you think is Gal’s fitness secret? 

#10: The couple is an example of “Age difference does not matter.”

Source: Female First. Gal Gadot uploaded baby bump picture on Instagram

While talking about How Yaron Varsano and Gal Gadot met? Gal publicly confessed during an interview that, at first glance, she noticed the fact that Yaron is older than her. It also insecured her about their relationship in the beginning. But, after the first date, the couple hit it off. And, from there and then, the age gap didn’t matter for her. According to the calculation, Gal is ten years younger than her husband. Today, the couple share three beautiful kids named Alma Varsano, Maya Vaesano, and Daniella Varsano. 


So, what do you think? Isn’t Yaron Varsano the perfect husband to independent & strong Gal in the 21st century? To know about your favourite celebrities’ married life, their spouses, and what they are up to these days? Please bookmark us! We are here for you to deliver new gossips every week. Stay tuned!


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