James Harden Net Worth touched $165 Million in 2020. The 31-year-old J.H. is on a winning spree!

James Harden Net Worth
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We call them rockstars for those we love in the sports, Hollywood, business, or whatsoever industry. However, James Harden gained the stature of the Houston’s Rockets star soon in his career. James or J.H. is one of the prominent American basketball players that today’s generation adores. He will soon become the next Michael Jordan for the sports industry, as per the fans. But, keeping all spotlighting factors aside, James Harden Net Worth has crossed $150 million in 2020. And, fans and the sports industry desperately want to know how much is James Harden worth? 

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Early in 2012, of NBA’s most awaited season, James Harden ended up recognized as one of the NBA’s top players. To the reader’s surprise, from 2009 to 2020, James has achieved multiple rewards and recognition for his competent performances on the international basketball grounds. To some, James Harden received the following for his victories at times: 

  • 2007 McDonald’s All-American and Parade All-American 
  • 2009 Pac-10 Player of the Year
  • 2010 NBA All-Rookie
  • 2018, 2019, and 2020’s NBA scoring champion
  • 2012 NBA Sixth Man of the Year
  • And, recently in 2021, NBA All-Star (for the 9th time in his career)

Nowadays, James Harden has become an inspiration for all those high school and college students who are a part of the basketball team. From dorms to locker rooms, J.H.’s victories are everywhere. But, before you acknowledge James Harden as one of the most successful basketball players at the international level, his life before success is worth acknowledging. So, let’s do a pre-countdown to James Harden net worth and his journey towards becoming America’s most valuable players in history. 

Everything you need to know about James Harden 

James Harden fully goes by the name James Edward Harden Jr. According to the history of basketball, James’s father is also named James Harden. Thus, he is acknowledged as James Harden Sr. He was also a basketball player. Monja Willis is James’s mother who has been greatly involved in James’s basketball career and has been spotted at several games by the media. 

Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? James has a pair of step-siblings. That’s right! His half-brother Akili Roberson has been in James’ life for longer than he can remember. They were both together in high-school and keenly involved in sports. On the other hand, James’s sister, Arnique Jelks, is not so much among the media. 

James Harden: Beginning in Basketball career

To begin with, James Harden began his career at the Artesia High School, where he learned in Lakewood, California. During the high school career, he earned the highest scores in high-school history with 18.8 points, 3.5 assists, and 7.7 boards. At this point, he earned McDonald’s All-American and Parade All-American stature honour. 

Moving on! James Harden also achieved a high-end career in basketball during college. In the first year of basketball at college, he achieved All-Pac-10. By the end of college, he became the top-notch consideration for the 2009 NBA Draft. 

James Harden Net Worth from the beginning of a professional career in the field

James and Oklahoma City Thunder

For the most part, high-school and college basketball games are often just trials. The major segment of a basketball player’s career begins when he enters the international field and faces the other top players on the field. The scenario was the same for James Harden. He kick-started his career in 2009 with the Oklahoma City Thunder (as a consequence of the 2009 NBA Draft). According to a few past reports, James Harden played with OCT for only three years, till 2012. 

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The reports also stated that OCT wanted to re-sign James Harden for the next four years with a boost in salary as well. But for some reason, James Harden denied it. An inside report also mentions that James Harden left the OCT because the money-offered for the next four years wasn’t enough for J.H. He wanted to compete with other player’s worth, such as Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in the context of net worth. 

James Harden Net Worth boost with Houston Rockets

Here’s a fun fact to begin with, James Harden has been with Houston Rockets from 2012 to the present. Meaning, over nine years, J.H. has remained committed to Houston Rockets, which has led to benefit his net worth unspeakably. Here’s a brief of James Harden Net Worth (income) with the Houston Rockets.

  • In the beginning, James Harden signed a contract with the Houston Rockets (for five years) worth $80 million per annum. Before joining the Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder offered James up to 55 million per annum, to which James concluded that he did not have enough time to reconsider OCT’s offer. 
  • In 2016, James Harden and the Houston Rockets re-negotiated their deal. James Harden net worth improved as the Houston Rockets offered $118 million per year for the next four years contract with the team. 
  • For various reasons, in November 2020, James Harden requested a trade. To which as a result, in 2021, James Harden will be playing for Brooklyn Nets. 

What is James Harden actual Net Worth? 

So, James Harden Net Worth in 2020 is 165 Million USD approximately. Like other prominent American sports persons, James Harden is also involved in several businesses and investments apart from earning from the fields. It is rather obvious that James Harden now comes under the likings of fanatics who love to do business with sportsmen like Lebron James and others. It is also noteworthy to mention that during his career-time being with the Houston Rockets, James Harden earned over 100 Million USD. According to a few business reports, in 2019 or 2020 (around sometime), James Harden purchased the Houston Dynamo of MLS. 

So, do you know where all this money comes from? Well! James Harden Net Worth is definitely jaw-dropping. Thus, here’s a countdown on James Harden sources of income that adds to his net worth: 

Total earning from basketball career

Here’s a brief for you: James Harden earned over 171 million USD throughout his basketball career to date. Although, some sources also confirmed it to be over 185 million USD. A few reports also confirm that in the upcoming seasons of the NBA, the NBA will pay James Harden over 47 million USD per year in the form of salary. Apart from that, the contract with Brooklyn Nets is worth more than four years. 

James Harden net worth
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James Harden Net worth from Brand Investments

If you are wondering if James Harden is saving all his income to increase his net worth. Well! The answer is NO. Because apparently, James also holds a keen interest in business investment. Do you know? In 2015, James signed an investment contract with Adidas, where he sponsored the brand. According to the contract, the timeline was 13 years, and it was worth 200 million USD. Shocking right? According to the Adidas deal, James Harden will receive over 15 million per year for the next 13 years. 

Not only Adidas but James is also a high-end sponsor of leading brands like BodyArmour, Art of Sports, and Stance. 

For James, ownership is better than investment

In the event that you are wondering if James has only two sources of income, well! You are wrong. Indeed, James has far-fetched his investment plans and bought Dash as well as the Houston Rockets Dynamo. Now he co-owns both the organization and achieving profit by the hour. 

James Harden income per game

When it comes to American basketball players, James Harden is rather one of the most competitive ones. James earns up to 5 million per game. 

James Harden: A spotlight on personal life

Luckily for women fans of James Harden, he is a bachelor yet. James Harden is currently 31 years old and unmarried. He is quite close to his mother, named Monja Willis and brother Akili Roberson. According to a few reports, James Edward Harden Jr. has never been close to his father – James Harden Sr. In James’ career life as well, his mother played a greater role in spite of his father being one of the well-known players in history. 

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Aforementioned, James is also quite close to his brother. His brother indeed is a prominent football player named Akili Roberson. Although he is not international but, he had played for Kansas during the Arena Football league. 

Here’s a fun fact: James Harden is also the “Brainy” one in the family. Especially when it comes to business investment. Do you know? Before signing a deal with Adidas, J.H. had an investment contract with Nike. However, for unknown reasons, he ditched Nike and moved on to its competitor. Well! That’s clever. 

One of the major reasons that have come out to the spotlight is that James does not have strong relationships with his father. On the one hand, where fathers are the idol of sportsmen, James Harden does not care to mention his father too much. The reason being, in the past few years, James Harden Sr. has lost his reputation by the media for being involved in illegal drug issues. 

Indeed, there are also rumours that James Edward Harden Jr. does not use “Jr.” to his name anymore because he does not want people to link him to his father. 

So this is for all today! Thanks for reading!


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